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Online Backup and Storage Provider Is Singled Out for Unique Interruptible Capability

Toronto, ON, July 22, 2008 –/BackupReview.info/– Online backup and storage provider Data Deposit Box (www.datadepositbox.com) has been awarded United States Patent No. 7,401,194 for its continuous online backup product. The patent, “Data Backup System and Method,” was awarded by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

Unlike its competitors, Data Deposit Box has the ability to interrupt itself at any point while the computer is being used. As a result, no resources are used and the computer’s performance is not affected. When the mouse is idle for more than 60 seconds, backup resumes from where it left off, rather than starting again from the beginning. A two-phase process ensures maximum file capture. The application first scans for small files that can be backed up quickly, and then it backs up larger files.

Data Deposit Box Chief Technology Officer Tim Jewell invented the application to automate the otherwise manual process of backing up. The application was designed to run in the background and use computer idle to accomplish its work.

“Data Deposit Box offers a unique feature to our customers, and we’re excited to have secured a patent that will protect our product’s singular ability to be interruptible,” said Data Deposit Box CEO Jamie Brenzel.

Data Deposit Box is a secure and comprehensive online data storage and backup service that enables users to affordably and simply backup, restore, and share information online for $2 per GB per month. Once the software is installed, it can be customized to backup as many or as few files as desired. Data Deposit Box runs invisibly in the background and engages when the computer is connected to the Internet, continuously monitoring selected folders. Data Deposit Box is automatic — when a change is detected, it is immediately extracted, compressed, encrypted and then securely transferred to a remote server. After creating a backup with Data Deposit Box, customers investing in this service can securely access files remotely from any web browser.

Data Deposit Box currently serves more than 30,000 customers, and the number continues to grow by five percent per month. Approximately half of Data Deposit Box customers are small business owners.

About Data Deposit Box

Data Deposit Box™ is a comprehensive online backup service enabling everyday PC computer users to easily backup, restore, access, and share their online backup data. Our online backup software continuously monitors selected folders looking for changes. When a change is detected, it is immediately extracted, compressed, encrypted, and then securely transferred to our secure online backup data center. Data Deposit Box is owned and operated by Acpana Business Systems Inc. For more information on Data Deposit Box(TM), please visit www.datadepositbox.com.

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Data Deposit Box Patent for Continuous Online Backup

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