February 01, 2009

By Jim Clark

Review: HP Upline

On-line backup solutions are springing up all over the corporate world.  Some are rather limited in their capabilities/capacities.  Some are designed for specific OS’s (like WHS).  Some are free.  Some will cost you based upon flat rates, or graduated rates, depending upon your backup needs.

One such solution is a service from HP called HP Upline.  It was launched in April 2008 and an announcement was posted by WGS at that time.  HP Upline has had it’s growing pains, and for a time, it’s availability was suspended.  A rather inauspicious beginning for a backup solution where reliability and access is paramount.

Fast forward 9 months later.  HP has ironed out it’s problems and looking forward as it tries to find a place for HP Upline in the sea of backup solutions.  First, what is HP Upline?  Let’s start by stating what it is not for: your WHS.  HP has its own solution for owners of HP MediaSmart Servers.  HP Upline is for:

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