August 19, 2009

Leading Insurance CompanyTrygVesta wants to Secure YourDigital Values

Copenhagen, Denmark - As the first insurer in the Nordic region TrygVesta now offers its young customers automatic backup of their digital lives. TrygVesta,the largest insurance company in Scandinavia, has partnered withDanish backup specialist to integrate online security intothe insurance offering.

As the photo album, music collection and home videos have moved onto our personal computers the need for insurance of digital valuesincreases rapidly. In connection with the launch of a new Nordic insurance plan for young people, TrygVesta has decided to include thebackup services of

“In developing our new insurance plan for young people, we becameaware that the content on the PC is more important for the young thanthe PC itself, because hardware can be easily replaced as opposed todocuments and images. That is why we are excited to provide ourcustomers this extra security through the new cooperation” says Executive Vice President at TrygVesta, Jens Stener.

Simple and User‐Friendly Solution
By storing the backup on central servers you avoid the risk of your digital values being lost in case of e.g. theft or fire damage. Also customers just need to activate the backup once – after that it jut runs automatically and every day.

Landmark Agreement
For, the TrygVesta Agreement is an essential step towards fulfilling the strategy of becoming one of the leading players in the expanding world of digital backup:

“We see an increasing number of companies demanding simple and affordable backup solutions, but most private users still do not backup regularly, and those who do often use media with limited longevity such as CD‐ROMs and memory sticks. The agreement with TrygVesta can help us pave the way for the private users to realize the benefits of a cloud based backup solution” says Kresten Bach Sondergaard, Product Manager at

TrygVesta has the offering live in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden today.

The protection of digital values will initially be offered as part of TrygVesta’s new insurance plan for young people ‐ Young Living ‐ but may expand to be included in other insurance products.


For more information please contact: Product Manager Kresten Bach Sondergaard,
Phone +45 40 20 37 97 ‐ or
President Frederik Schouboe,
Phone +45 27 15 01 60

Contact TrygVesta: Communications advisor Anne Anker,
Phone +45 44 20 30 74

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