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Reviewed on October 23, 2009


Dmailer, located in Marseille, France, is a privately held software company. This OEM Company has partnered with a number of famous brands to create products for the storage industry such as SanDisk Ultra backup Flash drive, Imation UX Series, WX series based on Wireless USB protocol and Verbatim’s exclusive 40th anniversary edition drive. Dmailer Backup version 2.7 was released on September 7th, 2009.

Dmailer specializes in portable backup and synchronization solutions for mobile devices such as USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard disk drives, MP3 players, embedded phone memory, SIM cards and flash memory based cards. Dmailer’s data backup software is an important offering at the altar of online backup storage for consumers, and small or medium organizations.

The software is available for trial download with a 3GB of space and is nominally priced at $25.95 for its Windows, U3 Smart drive and Mac versions. The bundled version containing both Windows and Mac versions of the application is available for $38.95.

The application installation process is very easy and very fast. The application runs directly from the drive into which the .exe file is downloaded. The interface is intuitive and the users can begin using the application by making a few selections and proceeding to back up all their personal data on any kind of storage device both offline and online.

Interestingly, the data can be accessed from the online repository irrespective of the platform from which the user is operating using a web interface, without downloading a local console on to the PC or Mac system that is being used.

The application allows manual, automatic and live backup to any kind of storage device, including network drives. The most remarkable difference with some other backup software is its ability to provide additional data backup and storage on a remote server that is accessible 24/7 via the web. This approach is really smart because we all know that some data are best stored on a hard drive, and some other are best stored online.

It provides secure storage and is an easy way of sharing data and sending large files with just a few clicks. The smart algorithms used make efficient use of bandwidth and the data backup and restore operations are commendably fast. The world class, regionally distributed data centers (in Europe and USA) provide for easy, reliable and efficient access to remote data.

Main Features

  • Live Backup – continuously backs up your files (Automatic Data Backup)
  • Versioning – allows you to keep several versions of a file
  • Contextual help – to guide you through the application features
  • Encryption – AES 128 bit
  • Multiple Backup profiles (Backup multiple PCs/Mac)
  • Dmailer Online storage service embedded
  • Fine tuned data backup by file type, size and date
  • Restore data in one single click
  • Available in 18 languages
  • Cross Platform – Mac & Windows compatible

The latest version of Dmailer Backup, 2.7 is now compatible with Windows 7.

Dmailer Online Highlights
Dmailer Online is an online backup service that allows you to safeguard your data by backing it up online on a remote server. It provides:

  • Additional data back-up and storage on a remote server
  • Greater security in case of mishaps on the original storing device
  • Instant 24/7 access to data via the Web
  • An easy way to share data and send large files in just a few clicks
  • Efficient use of bandwidth through smart backup algorithms
  • World-class, regionally distributed data centers offering reliable and efficient remote data access
  • Maximum security for your data at any steps of the online process: 128-bit during transfer and Blowfish 448 bit during storage

Dmailer Online easily and effectively allows any computer user (PC or Mac) to store data online, via multiple devices and from different locations.

Company Information

Location: Dmailer Corporate Office, Pole Media Belle de Mai, 37/41, rue Guibal, Hall Sud, 13003 Marseille – FRANCE (Google Map)
Actual Revenues (2008): Confidential
Est. Revenues (2009): Confidential
Telephone: +33-4-91-29-32-80
Year Founded: December 2001
Directors: Benoit Gantaume, CSO, Eric Dumas, CTO, Anthony Reyes, EVP of Marketing & Services, Philippe Leca, CFO, Julio Aldana, Director of Marketing & Communication
Funding: Dmailer SA, a privately held software company, received 2.5M Euros venture capital funding from BNP Paribas Private Equity and Alto Invest on December 11th, 2007. The funding has been provided to support the company’s ongoing R&D program, geared towards ensuring the delivery of increasingly efficient and productive software solutions to its customers.
Employees : 25 (October 2009)
CEO: Lucas Leonardi
Positioning: Leader in portable backup and synchronization solutions for a wide range of mobile devices.
Pricing: $25.95 for Windows, U3 Smart drive and Mac Versions; $38.95 for bundle of Mac and Windows Versions.

Getting started with Dmailer Online Backup

To begin your journey of discovery with Dmailer Backup Version 2.6 (version 2.7 was released on September 7th, 2009), visit the Dmailer website and download the 30 day trial version of the software. You have the option to buy the software after you have tested the service and are entirely satisfied that they give you just what they propose.

Users who wish to try the software on a Windows PC have a choice between a standard version and a U3 Smart drive version.

There is a version that is specific to Mac systems for download. For those who wish to try the application on both a Mac and a Windows PC, can download and try out the software from the Bundle. The 30 day trial version comes with a 3 GB of free space.


The dialog box that opens shows that the downloaded file is a zipped directory of files. This zip directory can be saved on to the desktop the DmailerBackup.exe extracted onto the computer’s hard drive, and launched by double clicking it. Nevertheless, due to its zero-footprint and portable architecture, it is even easier to extract the exe file directly to the backup device and launch the application from this place. By doing this, you will be able to start the backup configuration right away.


If you launch the application from your desktop for example, you will go through an additional screen that allows you to install the software on any storage device in less than a minute and opens the attractive, easy to use Dmailer interface as illustrated below.


Unfortunately, the interface offers no immediate indication on how to proceed with the configuration in the first instance. There are no explicit instructions. It took some time to figure out that the application has sensed data on a specific hard drive and is prompting the user to back up the data from that hard drive by clicking on the name of the drive in the table displayed below the drive icons. However, once the user has this figured out, use of the interface is fairly simple and user friendly.

It can be gathered from the number of drives listed on the application interface that the application “runs on a full range of data storage devices’ as is claimed on the site. It can access data stored on network computers, hard drives, USB devices, MP3 players and so on.

On clicking on the drive displayed (in this instance D-drive), a Next button appears at the bottom of the screen as illustrated here. Clicking on this button, then takes the user to the profile screens and the other configuration screens of the application.


Deleting the Software from the Local Drive
Dmailer.exe runs from the device into which it was downloaded. To delete Dmailer Backup, the .exe file will have to be deleted and all profile information can be removed by deleting the .dmdata and My Backup folders stored in the root of the USB device.

Backup Configuration
Every time the user creates a backup set, they will have to agree to the terms and conditions and accept the EULA agreement.

To backup a set of files and folders for the first time, the user will have to select the language of backup and then agree to the terms and conditions. Thereafter, they will have to specify the files for the backup set. Dmailer is available in eighteen languages including Dutch, English, French, Italian, Czech, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.


The legend on the screen informs the users that they can backup or restore all kinds of files. They can also backup every modification in real time.

A new backup set creation requires the user to specify the profile of the set. Any number of profiles can be created. The backup set can have a non encrypted profile or an encrypted profile. If the user selects an encrypted profile, they will have to enter a user name and password for access to the backup profile. If the user selects a non-encrypted profile, user’s name alone is sufficient access to the profile later.



The completion of this process takes the user to the next screen, which once more prompts the user to try, buy or activate the application.


The user’s choice then leads on to the next stage in the application configuration process– the selection of location of backup. The backup can be made to any hard drive or device connected to the user’s system or to an online repository.


To backup to a drive, the users will have to select whether they want to backup all files or some specified files. If the users click on the radio button for specific files they will be able to select the files from the file types listed by checking the checkboxes adjacent to the descriptions. If they want to fine tune the selection further they must navigate to Advanced Settings and select the relevant files and folders using the Explorer type tree-view that is displayed.


The backup to drive settings can be further fine tuned by navigating to the “Drive Backup Settings tab in this Window. The user can choose the number of versions of the file he wants to keep in the backup by checking the option Number of versions to keep. The users can also ensure that backup is automatically started and is Live by checking the relevant check boxes. The user also has options to filter by date and by size.


If the user chooses to backup files directly to the online repository, he/she can enter the email id and password and login to the user account at the Dmailer website and begin the process of backing up files and folders online. The application uses strong encryption of SSL 128-bit and 448 bit Blowfish, for online transfer and storage, respectively.

The tight integration between online and local software makes the process of online transfer very comfortable. By default, the local and online backup will take the same data set. But, you are free to choose a complete different set of folders to be backed up online by clicking on “Advanced Settings”.


The Advanced Settings button gives the user access to screens for excluding or including files and folders to be backed up. By navigating to the Online backup settings tab, the user can see the status of their online backup vide the status of the ON/OFF, blue toggle button. The website repository can be accessed using the Access and Manage my online account link and the user can purchase more storage space by accessing the website with Get more online storage link.

The online backup can be made automatic by checking the Start Online backup automatically check box and files of a particular size can be backed up by checking the relevant checkbox and using the slider to specify the size.


The Access and Manage my online account link takes the user directly to the website of Dmailer. Here the user is prompted to enter the user id and password once more for verification.


Anti virus programs can prevent access to the online repository. The site’s FAQ warns such unfortunate users that they would need to make sure that their firewall settings and antivirus programs are not preventing access to the repository. They recommend that the users should try accessing their files from other locations to confirm that the problem lies in the configuration of the systems.

The site also recommends that users should map as a network drive using My Computer>Tools>Map Network drive Wizard. Dmailer confirms that mapping network drive will help users connect smoothly to their online repository. While this sounds a little complicated, it is in reality very simple. The Map Network drive guides the user through the process and all the user needs to do is just enter the user id and password when prompted.

Searching and Sharing Files
Data once stored in the online repository can be managed easily from any computer. The strong search facility allows users to search for any file and the revision system enables users to go back to any point in time. The other attractive features of the online repository is the capability to share a single file or an entire folder in a click using the contextual menu. You can even monitor all the files you have already shared in the “Status” tab that gives you a clear view of what have been shared, including the recipients email and the start/end date of the file sharing.

The software runs exclusively from the storage drive and there is no compulsion to install the software on the local drive before the data can be accessed.


Data Security
Data is stored in Dmailer online storage in an encrypted format using 448 bit Blowfish. Dmailer guarantees the anonymity of data. The files are archived in one server, while registration happens on another server placed in geographically different parts of the world, Europe and USA.

Restoring data
Data can be restored to the original location or into a new folder. The restore operation can be performed by selecting the files for restore and clicking on the Restore button on the Tool bar at the top of the application.


Up on clicking restore button, the files being restored and the location of restore are indicated in the window illustrated below:


The website of the company offers support to its users in the form of frequently asked questions (FAQs), Getting Started guides and email support. It also has a number of videos that users can watch to understand the features of the application. The contact us form guides the user through an Interactive FAQ to answer the users question before contacting the support team with just a few easy clicks.

Dmailer has no phone support, at least its website does not display the support phone number. However, the user is free to contact the company with their questions if the answers are not available in the FAQs, in a predefined format that is available on the site as illustrated below:



Dmailer has been a pioneer in many areas of the storage market. It has forged strategic partnerships with a number of top of the line product companies. For example, SanDisk is one of the leading OEMs shipping Dmailer Backup under the brand name SanDisk Ultra Backup.

Because some types of data are best stored on a drive and others are best stored online, this combination enables users to manage both local and online backup services. It provides a hybrid, best-in-class solution to protect all of your data–  without having to install anything on your computer.

Large files can easily be stored and accessed from anywhere, any computer. Additionally, Dmailer’s powerful search engine capabilities and revision system allow users to go back and easily access earlier versions of documents and data.

The company, awarded with Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 in 2008, continues to innovate and bring new levels of functionality to its cross platform data backup product. The latest version can function smoothly both online and offline and can be used by the expert or the novice with equal felicity. This product is definitely one of the better quality online backup and storage products available in the market today.

With all of these features and great, solid company behind its products, Dmailer Online Backup is highly recommended.


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