These days, personal and business data continue to grow, as a result, data backup and protection has become challenging for many individuals and businesses. Online data backup has become the preferred way of backing up data for many. Online backup companies are getting launched from all corners of the planet.

The increasing importance of online data backup (also known as remote backup) services has created a huge opportunity for online backup service providers. The industry is very competitive and many are entering the industry. Some have become household names with in a couple of years after they launched, some are struggling after many years in the business, and some have given up. What differentiates these companies? What are the challenges of this industry? Is it the lack of trained IT staff? Management? Sales people? Well-developed business plan?

What are the reasons why these online backup companies fail? Was it something that was unviable in the very conceptualization? Is it another bust, just like the dot-com bust? Does the online backup and storage business model not make sense? Can we trust the surviving online backup and storage providers to keep our data safely? What do the experts say? These are few questions that are worrying organizations and individuals, who have lost their data or are apprehensive of the possibility.

A number of online backup service providers have exited the market very suddenly, taking customer data with them. It would be remembered with bitterness that these companies invited people to store their data on their online servers with promises of anywhere, anytime access to data and extensive security protocols, mirrored servers and redundancy with geographically scattered multi-continental data centers.

It is true that many more storage companies will disappear into the blue. Some will continue to grow. A few may consolidate to stay afloat. So, what are the factors that led to the failure of some of these online backup and storage companies? How can we be sure that the existing companies will not go bust? What is the future course of action? What are the backup options?

In this white paper report, we examine these issues in great detail and at a number of levels. We also provide possible checkpoints of evaluation of the surviving online backup service providers, and list points how to pick the best online backup service. In addition, our analysis has been augmented by a number of online backup and data storage company CEOs. The CEO’s answers are fascinating and to the point.

This white paper discusses the reasons why some online backup and data storage companies fail, and what existing companies must do to continue in business. The paper summarizes some critical steps startup online backup companies or already established online backup companies should do to stay in business in the areas of customer care, management and employee skill levels, pricing, funding, investments, growth strategies, sales and marketing, business models, positioning, attitude, and technology.

This white paper is a must read for all, whether you are an expert CEO running an online backup company or you are researching the online backup industry to launch a new service.


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