Copenhagen, Denmark – December 01, announces that a leading Japanese web hosting company,, has chosen to team up with it to become an exclusive agent for the world’s most user friendly security and online backup solution, as of today December 1st, 2009.

Until today,’s services have been centered on its web hosting business. But, also want to provide services that are easy to understand for everybody delivering SaaS and cloud technologies based on the “cloud for everybody” concept.

The Keepit Concept: Guard your Memories with a Single Coin

These days, important personal data such as photos, music and e-mails, along with vital corporate materials and documents are managed on personal computers. In proportion to this, there has been an increase in focus on how to securely store data and the importance of backups.

“The Keepit online backup service is a simple and easy-to-understand service that responds to this need to prevent data loss by performing daily backups without the need for unreasonable amounts of time or money.”

says Jason Frisch, president at and continues:

“We have set the price to just 500 yen per month so you can start using the service with a single coin. How about using Keepit to guard your irreplaceable memories such as birth, your children growing up, travels, ceremonies and weddings?”

Keepit Technology

Keepit technology is made possible though technical cooperation with IBM. Keepit runs on IBM’s world famous and industry leading Tivoli Storage Management (TSM) platform – a backup system devised for large enterprises and expert users. But Keepit uses these advanced technologies while providing a service with a simplified and easy-to-use interface and an affordable price to enable easy deployment by individual users and smaller enterprises.

Keepit features: easy, secure and automatic backup of important data

Keepit is an online backup service for storing data from PCs on dedicated Keepit backup servers accessed over the Internet. This eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome CD-ROMs, hard disk drives and USB sticks. In case a fault occurs, backup data is located in 2 datacenters in separate locations. Despite the low price of 500 yen per month, there are no limits on backup size so there are no hidden costs and there will not be any extra charges even when the volume of data on the PC increases.

Once Keepit has been set up, it will automantically make backups every day. Even if a backup is stopped due to network trouble or rebooting the PC, the backup will restart from where it stopped once the problem has been resolved, ensuring the backup is always kept up to date.

Keepit is an easy, secure and automatic backup service.

Further details on Keepit can be found on the Keepit website:

Keepit A/S is sister company to Cohaesio A/S. Cohaesio is a market leader in web hosting, server management and data infrastructure. Having servers located at separate geographical locations connected to the main internet infastructure.

Keepit, along with two other companies under Cohaesio, is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. has a branch office in Reston, VA, USA.

The goal of Keepit is to provide unlimited backup for all, by developing and refining its backup offers, making its technology the simplest on the market, requiring the least effort from users.’s motto is “the less clicks the better” – minimizing the reasons for not doing the backup, that everyone knows is so important.

Company name: Co., Ltd.
Representative: Jason Frisch, President
Director: Tatsushi Demachi
Established: April 13, 2007
Employees: 31
Address: 3F KOYO Minamiagata-machi Bldg, 1082 Minamiagata-machi,
Nagano-shi, Nagano
Phone: 03-4590-8198 (IP Phone: 050-3533-8238)

Contacts for inquiries about this release
Contact for inquiries from the press:
Phone: 03-4590-8198 (IP Phone: 050-3533-8238)
(Ms. Natsumi Koyama)

Contact for inquiries from customers:
Keepit Customer Support
Phone: 03-4590-6870


Source: (Direct Submission)


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