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Leeds, UK – February 18, 2010 – Backup Technology are experts in providing enterprise level online backup and business continuity solutions, however after switching their website platform to WordPress last year they noticed there were no plugins that allowed any form of automated online backup.

It is no secret that blogging is huge business and having a reliable system for backing up content rich pages should be paramount to businesses and bloggers of all sizes.  A simple problem such as disk failure can cause major issues and often results in lost work, Backup Technology have created an equally simple solution with their WordPress Backup Plugin.

The plugin has been developed with a firm focus on reliability creating the highly secure backups that every business and blogger requires to protect their blog content. Some of the biggest names in the WordPress community have worked closely with Backup Technology to ensure the backup plugin implements the features bloggers want and need.

The plugin was built with online backup being the centre focus, no longer will you have a packed out mailbox, you can safely and securely backup your data onto our secure servers absolutely free. Every site that installs the plugin will also receive 50 MiB worth of free space and when you reach your quota the oldest backups will be replaced with the newest.

As well as the free space Backup Technology are also providing you with the ability to lock your backups ensuring old ones don’t take the place of new ones. Of course don’t forget to leave enough space for new ones to come through.

If you don’t want to backup your information online, there are also options to backup your blog to your email or you’re desktop. You don’t even have to think about it anymore, the backup plugin provides a scheduling system so you can set and forget, the plugin will do all the work backing up your information daily on auto pilot. If you don’t want to schedule your backups, that’s not a problem, simply go to the plugin admin on your WordPress and backup on demand.

Worried about security? The plugin fully supports the “php-mcrypt” found on most web servers, so go ahead and encrypt your backups with DES, AES128 or AES256 encryption. Your plugin settings page will allow you to control these features easily and efficiently.

About Backup Technology

Backup Technology LTD was founded in 2005 to provide online backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to enable customers to rapidly and securely backup and restore their data. Backup Technology provides companies with fully managed online solutions with all data fully encrypted and files available 24/7 in the event restoration is required.

With household name customers worldwide, Backup Technology currently protects data for customers with 10GB to 100TB.

For more information, visit

Tim Grice
0113 281 4100 / 07921122447


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By Ritchie Fiddes, Sales Director at Backup-Technology

Source: Backup-Technology Blog

February 18, 2010 - When we first started using WordPress to power our own website earlier this year we were pleased to see that there were a few plugins available to back up our site but disappointed that none of them offered true online backup.

Blogging is big business and if you’ve invested hundreds or thousands of hours writing blog posts you need to have the proper systems in place to ensure that something as simple as disk failure at your web host doesn’t mean all your work is lost.

To help the blogging community we’re giving a way a free plugin with 50 MiB of free space on our secure servers.

5 Steps to Total Protection

  • Step 1: Download the plugin here.
  • Step 2: Upload the plugin to your blog using the Plugins > Add New > Upload feature in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Step 3: Register for your 50 MiB of free space on our backup portal.
  • Step 4: Configure your plugin to enable encryption and provide the login details of your online account by clicking Change Settings on the Tools > Online Backup page.
  • Step 5: Schedule your backup by clicking Change Schedule on the same page!

Your WordPress database is now protected! You can then proceed to login to our backup portal to manage and download your backups.

Your Data is Secure

SecureAt Backup Technology we specialize in online backup and disaster recovery. We provide enterprise level backup services to businesses and individuals complete with disaster recovery plans and tests involving the recovery of entire networks.
All of the data backed up by our customers is highly encrypted and compressed and stored in our primary secure datacentre in Manchester, with a complete mirror of every single backup in our secondary secure datacentre in London.

So with our experience and expertise you can be assured your WordPress database will be in good hands.


FeaturesOur plugin has been built bottom up and based around creating a highly secure and reliable backup plugin with all the features a blog master requires to protect their blog content.

While developing the plugin we worked closely with several major blog owners in order to get the right features implemented in the way they wanted them. Following is an overview of the major features.

  • Online Backup
    Our plugin was built with remote online backup in mind.
    This saves you space in your mailbox by storing your backups on our secure servers. Every site will get a 50 MiB free quota, and when it is reached the oldest backups will be removed to make space for the newest, so you will always have the latest backups available. Each time a backup is added we’ll also send you a notification email to give you peace of mind that backups are actually happening.
    To setup Online Backup you just need to register an account with us and configure the plugin with your login details, as described in the instructions above, and you can login to our backup portal anytime to manage and download your backups.
  • Locked Backups
    To prevent an older backup from being overwriting by newer backups, you can login to our backup portal and “lock” it! This will mark the backup as permanent and prevent it from ever been overwritten. Be sure to leave enough unlocked backups so you can still receive new ones though!
  • Email Backup
    As well as been able to send backups to our secure servers for storage, you can have backups sent as email attachments directly to your inbox. The email attachment is also compressed and encrypted in the same as with Online Backup.
    To decrypt an ecrypted backup emailed to you, simply use the “Decrypt a Backup” page in the plugin.
  • Compression
    With the majority of blog posts been text documents, compression techniques can work extremely well. Using the built-in ZLIB support available in nearly all PHP installations today, our plugin can backup a 50 MiB wordpress database into a miniscule 5 MiB file (that’s a 90% reduction!)
    And with a 50 MiB storage quota FREE… that would give you 10 days of backups!
  • Encryption
    Fully supporting the “php-mcrypt” extension available on most web servers, our plugin will allow you to encrypt your backups with DES, AES128 or AES256 encryption.
    All you need to do is simply enter the settings page, choose an encryption type (we recommend AES128 for the best balance encryption) and enter a password to use as your secret encryption key. Once done, every one of your backups will be encrypted before been emailed to you and/or sent to our secure servers, giving you peace of mind that nobody will ever be able to access your information without your secret encryption key.
    However, we must stress that you do not lose your secret encryption key! If you don’t have the key you will never be able to access the backup. It’s that secure!
  • Scheduling
    Don’t want to have to run a backup yourself on a daily basis? Just configure our plugin to run on one of your WordPress schedules!
    You can have it send the backup to our secure servers and also have it email it to you when the schedule runs.
  • On-Demand Backup
    Just added a large amount of blog posts in a short space of time? Just go to the Online Backup plugin page and kick-off an on-demand backup. You can have it sent to our secure servers, emailed to you, and even download it directly to your computer as soon as it finishes.

Support & Bug Reporting

Bugs & supportIf you have any problems using the plugin or require support you can check out common problems and solutions on our FAQ page. If you continue to have problems you can feel free to leave a comment below and we will endeavour to answer as soon as possible (normally within a few working days).



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