March 12, 2010

Lenin Srinivasan of Vembu Technologies

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Are you offering an Online Backup Service? Then you must have come across a plethora of naming conventions for marketing your backup service. Some people call them Online Backup and some call them Remote Backup, Offsite Backup, Data Backup, Internet Backup, blah blah backup…. Wait! What difference does a naming convention is going to make to your backup service offering? The answer is simple. Ask Google.

As a Service Provider it becomes necessary to understand the terms that your customer uses and effectively communicate back and Market using the same ‘terms’. ‘Google Insights’ has the innate ability to analyze the search patterns on a Geographic scale over a period of time and precisely report back with the ‘Search Terms’ that people tend to use. The Graph below shows the usage of frequently used ‘Backup Terms’ and its interest level over a period of time.


As you can see from the Graph, number of people searching for ‘Online Backup’ has grown tremendously since 2004 and number of people using the term ‘Remote Backup’ and ‘Data Backup’ came down gradually. It’s not over! This does not mean that everyone has to go with the term ‘Online Backup’ for marketing their service. This report just means that the global search volume for the term ‘Online Backup’ increased since 2004. However, if you are confining this result to a city or country, you will be surprised to see ‘different results’.

Google Insights

The above report says that people from New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Hong Kong etc prefer using the term ‘Data Backup’ rather than ‘Online Backup’ and people from UK are more comfortable with the term ‘Remote Backup’ than ‘Online Backup’.

Likewise, the way people name a service differs from region to region and with the help of Google Insights you can understand the search behavior of your customers and tune your website accordingly to attract more customers using Organic Search Results.

The above post was written by Lenin Srinivasan of Vembu Technologies. Vembu Technologies is a backup software vendor whose product, StoreGrid, powers the online backup services of a large number of service providers across the globe. Besides remote backup, StoreGrid is also used for on premise backups of workstations and servers at various companies & universities.

Vembu Home is the only FREE consumer backup solution for free local backups and optional Amazon Cloud backups.

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