April 02, 2010

By Ezra Brook, http://www.BackupReview.info

There are millions of Word Press (WP) based blogs and websites out there – our website is one of them. These WP blog sites are being used by individuals, families, groups, small companies, medium companies and huge corporations as a way to communicate with others and exchange of information.

Some have taken blogging so seriously that, it has become their full time jobs. For instance, the famous tech website, TechCrunch, is a WP based website. So, for those whose lives depend on their blog, having a backup plan is crucial.

Cloud computing is not a new concept, but more and more people are starting to trust the online applications, from Gmail, Gmail Docs, Picasa, Online Data Backups, etc. In a decade or two, all computers and laptops might not have a hard drive on them. By utilizing cloud computing, users could free up space and cut down on equipment costs. The benefits of cloud computing, data storage, and online backup could be immense.

Recently, Backup-Technology released a WordPress online backup plugin tool, that is very cleverly developed. It has many features like: locked backups, email backups, compression, encryption, scheduling, and on-demand backup.

Since we started covering the online data backup industry in 2004, we have not seen many online backup plugin tools for WordPress. To fill this niche gap, Automattic, the creators of WordPress, have come up with a new plugin (Beta Vesion at this moment) called VaultPress, which is similar to the one developed by Backup-Technology.

VaultPress is tailored to provide security and restoration to WP’s 12.1 million users, who have created more than 23 million blogs (as of March 2010). While WordPress does backup the blogs that they host, VaultPress is designed to offer protection to those bloggers who self-host their own WordPress-powered blogs.

The fact that Automattic has chosen to develop this online backup plugin tool says that, there is tremendous need for such services.

Announcing the launch of VaultPress, Matt Mullenweg, founder, says:

“The vision of VaultPress is to ensure that blogs and sites under its care are always completely secure, regardless of what happens. Today, this means every bit of content will be safe, from plugins and themes to the smallest comment or post revision, with WordPress-aware, real-time, multi-cloud backups. This is some of the most advanced technology I’ve seen interact with WordPress.

In the future, if your site is tampered with in any way, we’ll know within minutes and can take appropriate steps. The VaultPress core engine will be able to protect you against zero-day security vulnerabilities by updating your blog with hot-fixes, even while you sleep.

You have enough in your life to worry about; don’t worry about WordPress. Apply for the VaultPress private beta today.”

Asked why use VaultPress, Matt Mullenweg explains:

“VaultPress does more than just backup:

  • It can handle any amount of stuff. For example my site (ma.tt) has about 30,000 photos on it, totaling about 33 gigabytes.
  • It’s an all-in-one package. You don’t need one thing to back up your database, one thing for your files, one thing for your themes, et cetera.
  • It’s real-time. You make a post and it’s in the cloud seconds later.
  • It’s enterprise-grade and not reliant on one provider, including us. Your site is stored on no fewer than 2 cloud services in addition to our own copies.
  • It is going to do more than just backup. The VaultPress engine will be able to push hotfixes to zero-day security vulnerabilities, for example.
  • There’s even more I can’t talk about yet.

It’s a complete solution – once VaultPress is running you don’t have to worry about anything except creating a great site.

The only thing I’d add for that is that I don’t want to entrust my backups to a free service. I want to know there’ a business on the other end whose livelihood is making sure my backups are 100% secure as long as I can pay them, not just until their VC funding runs out or they figure out how to monetize the eyeballs of all their free users.

That’s actually why we decided to take a different business model approach with VaultPress. Most of Automattic’s services are freemium, meaning the core product is free with premium upgrades available. That just didn’t seem appropriate as we imagine how we imagined VaultPress evolving over the next 5 years – it’s a high-end product, for high-end users.

I’ma geek and I outsource very little of my tech life, that’s why I host my own blog on my own server, but peace of mind is something I donâ’t mind paying for.”

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