May 7, 2010
By Ezra Brook,

Note: 2 Videos included (about 5 min each)

IDC, commissioned by EMC (parent company of Mozy online data backup) has just announced the results of its study of growth of digital data over the coming years.

The report, entitled, “The Digital Universe Decade – Are You Ready?“, highlights the expansion of cloud storage.

The report further explains that more and more data could pass through the cloud in the following forms:

  • data temporarily stored on disk drives in the cloud
  • data secured via a cloud services
  • emails hosted as cloud services (just like gmail, etc. with out the need to have your own servers)
  • files shared amongst community members

As data grows, the need for backup grows too; hence the niche market of online data backup services are set to grow.

According to the IDC research, 15 per cent of information in the “digital world” will be stored online by 2020. This means, a huge business for online data backup service providers.

The report also points some of the challenges against online backup services, including reliability, Internet upload speeds, broadband speeds, and initial uploads of data.

Click here to see read the full report in Interactive mode (Tab 1 and Tab 4 have videos)

Click here to read the full report in PDF format

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