AsaDrive works exactly like a local hard disk but it’s even better because your online drive can be shared in real-time across all your computers working like a file server and you can even set it to backup your critical data automatically!

Macao, SAR – May 23, 2010 – (PR Log) – We all value our data and strive to protect it from all kinds of common threats (computer crashes, virus attacks, device theft, natural disasters, human errors, malicious attacks, etc.), but we also need to ensure that it is always accessible for our daily needs, since data is becoming increasingly important in our modern lives.

AsaDrive is an invaluable, award-winning service tailored to securely and automatically protect your data offsite. Your files are bank-level encrypted and stored safely in different data centers, situated in different locations to ensure total protection.

AsaDrive is a fully featured online storage solution allowing the installation of an online drive which can work exactly as a file server, sharing your data between multiple computers or between different team members. AsaDrive also offers a reliable and secure online backup feature, which automatically backups all your critical data offsite.

Besides being able to access your data using your office or home computers, your laptop or any other computer, you can also securely access your data on the move (in holidays or business trips) using any computer with web access.

In case of hard drive crash, device theft, replacement of computers or data loss your data will still be preserved in your online drive and/or online backup, which will be immediately accessible using any computer! As our Clients can confirm, AsaDrive is very practical because it eliminates the need of a tedious and time-consuming manual backup task (that never seems to get done).

You can find more relevant and information about AsaDrive’s services, products and features in AsaDrive’s website:

Consider this alarming fact: 7 in 10 small firms suffering a data loss go out of business within a year. With AsaDrive online storage solution, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won’t be among those unfortunate seven. So here’s to the security of your data, and the health and longevity of your business!

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About AsaDrive is owned by Future Technology and Services Limited, a Macau SAR based company which is leader in innovative technology solutions. For more information, please feel free to Contact us.

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