AsaDrive works exactly like any other local hard disk or pen drive but it’s even better because all the files stored in AsaDrive can be shared in real-time across multiple computers just like a file server. In addition, AsaDrive also performs the backup of any critical data automatically!

Macao, SAR - May 27, 2010 – (PRWeb) – It is unquestionable that, in today’s world, data is considered invaluable. Every year billions of dollars are spent by individuals and companies to protect their data from all kinds of common threats (computer crashes, virus attacks, device theft, natural disasters, human errors, malicious attacks, etc.). However, most protection systems tend to hide and fence data from the outside world in order to keep it safe.

AsaDrive has a different view and understanding based on the idea that data needs to be always accessible for the richness of the modern needs. Guided by that principle and inspiration, AsaDrive is now launching its services to the worldwide market, providing a state-of-the-art and bullet-proof online storage service featuring online drives mounted and mapped as local hard disks, automated online backups and sharing and synchronization technology.

AsaDrive was tailored to securely and automatically protect any kind of data, critical or not, while maintaining total acessibility. The files stored in AsaDrive’s online drives can be accessed by any file manager exactly as any other hard disk or pen drive would be accessed since AsaDrive software mounts and maps a drive in the computers where it is installed. Operations like copying, moving, deleting, renaming, draging and droping files can be executed just with a single click exactly as you do it with your local drives. In addition, the files stored in AsaDrive can also be accessed on-the-move from any browser, in case of business or holidays trips.

AsaDrive’s share and synchronization technology turns online drives into file servers, sharing data between multiple computers or between different team members. This feature is particularly popular in AsaDrive because it has been allowing families, small businesses and bigger organizations to share drives between different people allowing online collaboration.

Considering the alarming fact that 7 in 10 small firms suffering a data loss will go out of business within a year, AsaDrive’s online storage technology should be considered a strategic partner providing the necessary peace of mind to business enterpreneurs everywhere assuring that they won’t be among those unfortunate seven.

About AsaDrive
AsaDrive is owned, powered and supported by Future Technology and Services Limited, a Macau, SAR, company aiming to provide technology services and implement new and high-value technological solutions globally.

AsaDrive provides an online storage service featuring online drives and online backups exactly as local drive (“as a drive”). AsaDrive’s solution leverages specialized expertise, methodologies and software to ensure that a safe and high-value solution is delivered.

AsaDrive’s clients vary from students, private users to some of the most successful and trusted professionals and companies in the world. They tend to have sensitive data and a special need to keep it safeguarded and accessible. These professionals and companies count on AsaDrive expertise to address their most pressing data storage needs.

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About AsaDrive.com: AsaDrive is owned by Future Technology and Services Limited, a Macau SAR based company which is leader in innovative technology solutions. For more information, please feel free to Contact us.

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