Computer data losses trigger thousands of bankruptcies and business failures every decade. Online backup and data recovery services provided by BackupSilo are the first line of defense for Canadian companies seeking to protect their intellectual property.

Toronto, Canada June 23, 2010 — / – Supra Canada Technologies Ltd. announces BackupSilo as its new online backup division. Online backup services are no longer a luxury available only to elite corporations. Companies of every shape and size need offsite backup and data recovery options to protect against the destruction of financial records, documents, databases and mission critical applications due to hardware failures and unforeseen circumstances.

“Online backup services are now a necessity,” said BackupSilo Director Marketing, Don
Gerrity. “Fully 10% of all computer users experience data loss annually, costing Canadian companies hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity. In many cases, companies are reduced to rubble by critical data losses, especially in the case of fire or theft. A recent North American study found that more than 90% of companies that lose their data become unprofitable or go bankrupt. Every ten years, thousands of companies cease to exist as a result of data losses. Years of work can be lost overnight and the results are catastrophic.”

“I tell prospects every day that BackupSilo services are another form of insurance,” said BackupSilo Director of Business Development Dinesh Wadhwani. “Online backup and data recovery planning is mission critical. Even if you have an onsite backup solution there is no way to guard against theft, aggressive computer viruses, natural disasters, disk failures, disgruntled employees or human error. There are so many ways to lose onsite data that refusing to budget for online backup services is like driving a car without wearing a seat belt. You might make it to your destination safely but if something goes wrong you are in a world of hurt. Data recovery efforts from tape drives fail frequently due to software failures, mechanical errors and obsolescence. Cloud-based services are the future of backup, recovery and archiving.”

“I lost data on my laptop for a client presentation on a recent business trip,” said BackupSilo client Rebeca Alcantara. “My hard drive unexpectedly died. The loss of a single PowerPoint file set our company back weeks. I walked into the meeting totally unprepared and we lost an account potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I immediately hired BackupSilo to provide online backup services and instructed our team to remotely upload their files every day. BackupSilo even recovered the lost file from my crashed drive. With BackupSilo as our partner, our data is fully protected.”

BackupSilo partners with Iron Mountain Digital to store client data in an ultra secure N1 Class Datacenters. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies, banks and enterprises use this technology to protect their computers and Servers. “We provide one of the most secure data protection managed services in the world,” said Wadhwani. “We also use data centers in Canada, USA, the United Kingdom and Australia so companies can store their data locally. We comply with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC and other information management standards. We have a 99.999% success rate for backups and recovery. We automate the whole process and our customer service operation is unmatched. BackupSilo is the first line of defense for Canadian companies looking to protect their intellectual property.”


About BackupSilo
BackupSilo provides comprehensive online backup services including data recovery, offsite backup, eDiscovery, and hard disk encryption. We also provide nearline archiving using an award winning solution from Mimosa. Our solutions allow companies to satisfy most backup, recovery, archiving and data encryption regulatory compliance requirements. We automate backups, reduce information technology costs and eliminate the risks associated with in-house solutions. For additional information visit or call 416-4BACKUP.

Dinesh Wadhwani
2900 Argentia Road, # 5
Mississauga, ON, L5N 7X9

Tel: 416 4-BACKUP(22-2587)
Toll Free: (888) 445-4242

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