Minbu protects critical business data, monitors the backup process for less than $8/month.

Minneapolis, MN – June 25, 2010 – / – Minbu introduces an online backup service specifically designed for business owners who prefer to spend their time working on their business instead of checking their backup logs.

Dean Meier, founder, says, “Most backup services are based on the model of providing customers with a backup tool—-and making customers check in to ensure the backup is getting done.

“With Minbu, customers sign up and install the backup software–that’s all. The team at Minbu actively and diligently monitors the individual backup logs on a daily basis. We don’t make our clients buy equipment, install software upgrades – nothing. They’ve got plenty of other things to do, so we make it as easy as possible for them.”

For as little as $7.91 a month, Minbu does all of the work and ensures that customer business information is safe–and available. In the event of theft, virus, or the occasional horrific coffee spill, the only downtime a business will experience is the time it takes to log on to, sign in, and download all of their critical business data–or just the files that they need immediately.

Minbu offers three subscription options:
Month-to-Month service: $15/a month.
One-year, prepaid: $120.00, with automatic renewal option at the end of each year.
Two-year, pre-paid: $190.00, with automatic renewal option at the end of two years.

Clients with an immediate need to protect a large amount of data can choose data-seed service for $200, where Minbu provides the client with a hard drive for transferring up to 2TB of data.

Meier continues, “We’re protecting data for all kinds of businesses, especially independent professionals like Realtors, attorneys, CPAs, photographers and freelance marketers. Minbu’s mission is ensuring that no sole practitioner or small business ever loses revenue, time, or expense because of data loss”.

“Of course… we know some people still like logging on, checking the color of dots or other backup indicators… Minbu online backup isn’t for them. Minbu is for the people who don’t even want to do THAT, the ones who KNOW they need to protect their business data – but don’t want to be responsible for it.”

Companies can sign up for Minbu’s unlimited online backup at

For more information about Minbu, follow the Twitterview with @JoelECarlson at 11am CST on Twitter, hashtag #jectv.

About Minbu
Dean Meier founded Minbu as the subsidiary of another Minneapolis company, after spending over 10 years providing professional IT management and IT network support for small businesses. During that time, he helped thousands of clients evaluate, implement and support numerous technologies on Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Novell platforms.

In 2009, Meier saw a gaping hole in the online world of data backup: sole practitioners and small business offices needed more than do-it-yourself backup software — they needed something like Minbu: a hands-on system that not only provides reliable backup but also personally ensures performance on a daily basis.

The company is located in the Loring Corners building in downtown Minneapolis.

1624 Harmon Place, Suite 305,
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Tel. 612-235-4396

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