One in Four Small Companies Risk Losing All Their Key Data By Never Backing Up Their Computers

  • 22 per cent back up only once per month or less
  • Two thirds of UK small businesses fail to systematically back up their PCs
  • Reasons for not backing up: Lack of time (33 per cent), and Lack of technical know-how (17 per cent)
  • Twice as many consumers choose online backup as one of the methods to keep their data safe than small businesses
  • Current backup methods: External hard drive (32 per cent), Memory stick (26 per cent) or CD (11 per cent)

LONDON – June 24, 2010 – / – A quarter of small businesses in Ireland and the UK (up to 20 employees) never back up their PCs, according to new research, leaving them completely exposed in the event of a hard drive failure, fire, theft or accidental deletion. A further 22 per cent back up only once per month or less. In total, almost two thirds of UK small businesses fail to systematically back up their PCs.

The research, from Mozy™, the world’s most trusted online backup service among consumers and businesses, shows that the two main reasons why UK small businesses don’t back up are lack of time (33 per cent), and lack of technical know-how (17 per cent).

“When you’re wearing a number of hats in a small business, data backup is just another thing to do at the end of a long day and it gets neglected,” says Claire Galbois-Alcaix of Mozy. “Even when small businesses are backing up, too often it is manual, time-consuming and equally vulnerable to loss.”

The research also highlights that almost twice as many consumers choose online backup as one of the methods to keep their data safe than small businesses. Despite small businesses’ uptake of web-based services, from internet accounting to eBay and even Twitter, they are still slow to embrace the benefits of online backup services and instead choose only to manually back up onto physical storage devices such as an external hard drive (32 per cent), memory stick (26 per cent) or CD (11 per cent).

“Local backup is is a great way to get your data back quickly so it’s something everyone should do,” adds Galbois-Alcaix. “But most of the devices that are used for local backup are kept in the same place as the computer so, if it’s your only form of backup, your safety net is just as vulnerable to theft, fire or flood as the original device. Losing data is easy but backing up locally and online is even easier with Mozy.”

“Best practice backup, especially for small businesses, is daily automated online backup. Daily, so the backup copy is always up to date; automated, so it requires no time, effort or conscious action from the user; and online so that the backup copy is safely protected from hardware failure, theft, loss, fire and flood,” says Galbois-Alcaix.

MozyPro offers automated and easily managed multi-user online backup for small offices, homes offices and small businesses through a pay-as-you-go model with no set-up costs. Complete security assurance is provided for €3.99 per computer per month + 50p per GB. Server licences cost €6.99 per month + 50p per GB. Mozy is owned by EMC Corporation.

The research, conducted by Opinion Matters, was carried out amongst 1217 small business owners and employees across Ireland and the UK in April 2010. For further details on the research, please click here (

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