Houston, TX, July 29, 2010 — (PRWEB) — X-ISS, a leading provider of expert IT support and disaster recovery planning services for small to medium businesses (SMB’s) in Greater Houston, has announced the launch of a unique, cost-effective solution that makes data backup and recovery faster, easier and more secure than most systems commonly used. .

The X-ISS back-up and recovery system is the first affordable total solution to be offered to small and medium businesses in the Houston market combining the convenience of local on-site backup with the protection of remote support which utilizes the latest in cloud-based technology. This combined approach overcomes the limitations and hassles commonly associated with other local and remote forms of backup and recovery.

“Many small to medium businesses still use tapes for backup that they then store at an off-site location each night,” says Deepak Khosla, President of X-ISS. “With our new combined system, not only will they be able to eliminate the costs of hardware, labor and storage necessary when using tape based systems, but they’ll receive a whole new level of data protection and ease of recovery to which they don’t currently have access.”

The new X-ISS combined on-site/cloud remote backup solution offers a host of features that are critical to delivering a best in class system for businesses who rely upon their data. These features include automatic backup of all data changes to both local and redundant secure remote devices as often as every fifteen minutes. They also include the ability to easily retrieve previous versions of documents including files that have been deleted, overwritten or corrupted on the local device. In addition, the X-ISS on-site/remote backup system offers hassle-free data recovery, with no complex hardware or software, that allows recovery in minutes of what used to often take hours or days with other types of systems.

One of the systems unique benefits is that if a business is struck by a disaster that destroys their on-site device, they can be operating as normal the next morning with a new, fully operational on-site device containing all of their latest data that’s been delivered to them overnight. For those whose businesses can’t afford even a moment of downtime, the X-ISS backup system offers an optional capability to seamlessly transform into a virtual server with complete capabilities and data integrity while the local server is being restored. “For businesses which currently use web-based remote backup systems, it can take days or weeks to become fully operational again after a major disaster,” says Khosla. “Our new system speeds the recovery time.”

The new X-ISS combined on-site/cloud remote back-up system is completely secure with both encrypted data communication and storage, and includes 24/7 assistance and proactive monitoring by a team of highly experienced technical experts.

“We’re excited to be able to offer Houston businesses a better backup and recovery solution featuring the latest technology and providing the best in data protection and ease of use,” says Khosla. “We’re particularly proud we’re able to offer this at a price that’s affordable to small businesses, and in many cases at equal to or less than the costs they are investing in inferior backup tapes and other solutions.”

For more information about the new X-ISS backup and recovery solution, please visit www.x-iss.com or call 713.862.9200 x201.

ABOUT X-ISS: Delivering eXcellence in IS Solutions since 1993
X-ISS is the trusted choice of small-to-medium businesses in the Greater Houston area who want to maximize the performance and protect the security of their IT resources affordably. Best known for their exceptional expertise and responsiveness, X-ISS has been delivering a full range of cost-effective IT services and support, including business saving disaster recovery planning solutions, to a wide range of loyal clients for over fifteen years. www.x-iss.com

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