Filetwin stops data loss from ever happening again. We safeguard digital assets and keep them secure so they are only accessible to you, when you need them. Your Windows server, Linux server, Mac server, desktop PC, laptop, Notebook or MacBook can now be setup to forever back themselves up automatically. What does this mean for you? Now you don’t have to do anything or remember to do something. You just configure the backup schedule to run when you want it to and that’s it.

Miami, FL, August 31, 2010 – (Online PR News) – Attention MacBook owners. Now you can remotely backup and access your critical files easily through the Internet with a managed business online backup provider. If you are worried about compliance issues and whether your MacBook can safely be used for storing electronic media, then your worries are over. A South Florida company located in Silicon Beach, the Silicon Valley of the east coast has released a new backup product for MacBooks and Mac Servers.

Here’s the top ten reasons why you might want to consider using their software if you are a Mac lover.

The Top10 Reasons Why A Macbook User Needs Business Online Backup

>>> 10. Recover lost files anytime and anywhere.

>>> 09. You’ll know backups were successful because you get verification reports by email.

>>> 08. You get the advantage of “promptly” producing records during audits.

>>> 07. If something goes wrong, you get Live Support from a Backup Specialist in the U.S.A.

>>> 06. All your digital assets are accessible from a centralized location.

>>> 05. You’ll save money because no capital outlay is required for purchasing new backup equipment.

>>> 04. Your files are always safe. Files are encrypted before being transmitted to our Data Center.

>>> 03. MacBook users store large amounts of photographs, graphics, images and videos which have very high “re-creation values” if deleted or lost.

>>> 02. Instantly satisfy any electronic record retention requirements if you want to use your Mac at work but need assurance that digital assets are safely stored in remote locations.

>>> 01. You set it up once and then it runs automatically.

At last, with Filetwin you instantly get a secure, long-term, digital file storage infrastructure available online and designed for day-to-day and mission-critical data storage. Filetwin software can be used to securely store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere. You get a highly durable, scalable, and secure ecosystem for backing up your critical digital assets. The service is fully safeguarded and managed by Filetwin.

In other words, you get an “on-demand digital file storage service”. With Filetwin, you can offload your entire storage infrastructure and take advantage of their scalability along with their pay-per-use pricing model to handle your growing storage needs. Subscribers can consume storage at any rate they need. This flexibility far outweighs the perceived advantages of using external hard drives and keep in mind, you can’t access your hard drive if it isn’t with you.

With Filetwin, MacBook users get a heavily guarded storage ecosystem where they can comfortably store their digital assets on a regular basis and access them online.

Today, It’s All About Velocity
Filetwin can accelerate moving large amounts of data into and out of their Data Centers using life-proof portable storage devices for transport. They can transfer your data directly onto and off of storage devices using Filetwin’s Express Startup & Recovery Service. Authentication mechanisms are provided to ensure that data is kept secure from unauthorized access. For significant data sets, Express Startup & Recovery is often faster than Internet transfer. The Express Startup & Recovery Service is ideal for moving large quantities of data for initial backups, or quickly restoring data in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

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