In response to concerns with disaster recovery strategies, Revinetix has released a white paper on using byte-level remote replication to restore data after a disaster event.

Salt Lake City, Utah, Sep 01, 2010 – (PRLog) – In response to concerns with disaster recovery strategies, Revinetix ( has released a white paper on using remote replication to restore data after a disaster event. In addition to data backup practices for business continuity, a growing number of businesses, universities and government organizations with multiple locations are implementing DR solutions that replicate business critical data across the Internet or a WAN (wide area network).

The experiences of two different organizations, University of Virginia-Wise and iFreedom Direct, are highlighted in this paper. University of Virginia-Wise replicates their backup information from their site in Wise, VA to their disaster recovery site located at the UVA data center in Charlottesville, VA. UVA utilizes a 1Gbps data link between sites to replicate the backup of about 25 university servers. These servers include a variety of Microsoft Windows and Linux servers, including Microsoft Exchange and SQL databases.

“We have a requirement to archive all of our backups. To meet that requirement, we backup our servers on one Revinetix Disk Backup Appliance and then replicate our backups to another Revinetix appliance at our disaster recovery site.” said Grant Baker, Senior Systems & Security Administrator University of Virginia at Wise.

iFreedom Direct, a Utah based mortgage broker, backs up a variety of virtual and physical servers from two Utah offices to a single Revinetix Data Protection Appliance located in their main office which then replicates the backup data to a disaster recovery site in San Diego across a 6 Mbps data link.

“The Revinetix appliance was extremely easy to setup to do backups. Setting up a second one for replication was incredibly simple and requires very little maintenance,” Sam Robinson, IT Backup Technician stated.

The white paper discusses criteria for selecting a replication strategy, including ease of setup and management, storage capacity optimization, bandwidth optimization, OS and application support, fast and flexible accessibility and total cost of ownership. The white paper, Disaster Recovery Strategies: Business Continuity through Remote Backup Replication, is available now for download at:

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