The SmartFiler Backup Appliances automatically backup terabytes of data offsite to a customer-owned private cloud.

San Jose, CA, September 15, 2010 – (PRLog) – SmartPick Backup, a San Jose, California based provider of data backup products and services, has introduced a series of backup appliances for the SMB market and enterprise customers. Branded as “SmartFilers”, these appliances are available with storage capacity of 500GB to 12TB.

“With our SmartFiler Backup Appliances, customers become their own offsite data backup provider and do not have to rely on or pay monthly service charges to third party vendors. This is the most cost effective offsite data backup solution in the market today”, says Swami Nathan, President of SmartPick Solutions. As an example, they buy two SmartFilers, pair them together, one located onsite and the other located offsite, and seamlessly backup their mission critical data on both SmartFilers. This enables the small and medium businesses to backup to their own private cloud and avoid monthly service charges.

Moreover, backing up huge amounts of data is often impractical for many SMBs. Even with a T1 connection upload speed of 1.5Mbps, it will take over 30 days to backup 500GB to a cloud based backup service. But, with the SmartFiler solution customers can backup or restore the same 500GB in less than 3 hours! SmartFiler appliances use advanced data deduplication techniques that minimizes the storage needs and block-level incremental backup that minimizes the network bandwidth needed for backup.

SmartPick has been successfully providing online data backup services for small and medium businesses from 2003. With the shift by companies to store all data in a digital form, be it heath records, financial information, email trails for compliance etc., it has become increasingly difficult to do a daily offsite backup, primarily due to the volume of data involved. The SmartFiler backup appliances are ideal for situations where more than 50GB of data need to be backed up daily onsite and offsite.

In addition, in a mixture of heterogeneous environment consisting of Windows and Linux servers, a backup solution that is operating system agnostic is what the industry needs. That is exactly what the SmartFiler series of products provide.

“Why would anyone use the Barracuda Backup Service that costs nearly $5000 for a 1TB appliance that backs up data only onsite, and an additional $500 per month for their offsite backup service when the same 1TB backup using the SmartFiler Backup Appliance solution costs only $2900 for both the onsite & offsite appliances and there are no monthly service charges”, asks Suren Lalapet, Director of Sales & Marketing.

About SmartPick:
SmartPick Backup is a San Jose, California based company that specializes in data backup solutions and products, with an emphasis in disaster recovery and business continuity.

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SmartPick Backup is a San Jose, CA based company that provides data backup products and services to mid-size and small businesses. Its SmartFiler Backup Appliance series enables any small business to own their offsite data backup solution.

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