Providing data Access, Ability to View Shares, Store Files Locally, Email Any File

CHICAGO, IL, USA, October 5, 2010 — Cloud-based backup/sync service SpiderOak ( today announced the release of its mobile application for the Android Operating System. The program allows users to access any of the files uploaded to SpiderOak across any device, open personal and guest ShareRooms, store popular files locally for viewing anytime, and sharing data (via link) using the phone’s mail client. The SpiderOak Android application was designed to work in conjunction with the current SpiderOak services.

“In launching the SpiderOak Android application, we wanted to provide an easy way for our users to access any of the data they have backed up, stored, and shared right from their phone,” said SpiderOak CEO Ethan Oberman. “Further, we are extremely excited about our newest feature – the ability to quickly email any stored file. Our users have been asking for this functionality and we were happy to integrate it seamlessly into the Android application. Now sending a business plan or a PDF or a picture is as easy as pressing a button.”

According to the company’s published relayed development timeline, additional mobile platforms will soon be added including the Blackberry and WindowsMobile7.

SpiderOak is the only online storage provider that enables users to backup, sync, share, access, and store files from any combination of Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as external storage media in a single account. All data is stored in a central storage repository and is accessible from any device in the user’s SpiderOak network.

Other features unique to SpiderOak include perpetual file and version storage even for older and deleted files, the ability to aggregate multiple devices in one account to take advantage of bulk storage rates, and an industry-first no-password-storage security policy that prevents even SpiderOak employees from viewing user information including file and folder names. Multiple redundancy strategies and an automated stress testing and verification system protect customers against data loss. SpiderOak offers 2 GBs of lifetime free storage and additional storage for a monthly or yearly fee.

About SpiderOak

SpiderOak provides innovative cloud-based personal data management services that simplify the process of backing up, accessing, organizing, sharing and synchronizing data from any number of computers or external storage media. The company’s solution suite protects users against data loss, permits browser-based access to information from the user’s personal computing devices from any Internet-enabled computer, ensures common file availability across multiple user machines with automatic sync’ing, offers password-protected ‘ShareRooms’ for easy family/friend/colleague access, and provides a variety of technical advantages for efficient and cost-effective data management. For more information, visit

SpiderOak Inc

SpiderOak, Inc.
555 Huehl Road
Northbrook, IL, USA, 60062

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