Bilbao, Spain, Oct 22, 2010 – Lortu released the latest version of LDA, its new family of disk backup appliances that provides advanced deduplication and remote replication capabilities. Lortu Data Appliances were designed to meet the needs of the increasing number of SMEs that require backup and disaster recovery solutions able to work through standard Internet connections.

Lortu LDAs have the ability to perform byte-level deduplication, thus obtaining the highest data reduction ratios currently available and the lowest bandwidth requirements for remote replication over WAN lines.

LDAs are targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises and provide advanced features generally found only in high-end storage products, but at prices affordable by SMEs.

LDA’s deduplication technology is capable of reducing data storage requirements by up to 100 times. This means that a backup of 1TB can be reduced to a size as small as 10GB of data, which can easily be transmitted over WAN lines to remote disaster recovery facilities.

Lortu provides not only backup appliances for local storage (scaling from 50 TB to 600 TB of usable capacity in a single unit), but also a remote backup service, which enables our customers to have a complete backup solution without requiring them to purchase another appliance for remote backups or to have their own remote facilities.

LDAs are compatible with any software which can backup to disk. Our customers do not need to change their present backup software or acquire additional software licenses.

In addition, LDAs run an internal procedure which prevents the system from running out of space: an LDA deletes the oldest files in accordance with the retention policies defined by the user, so it is always possible to store new data. This process is automatic and frees the user from the task of monitoring the LDA’s free space and doing a manual removal of the old files.

The user can define daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual retention policies.

Lortu is dedicated to the development of storage appliances based on our proprietary data deduplication technologies. Additionally, we offer our deduplication technology to storage manufacturers and to customers with special requirements so that they can integrate one of the best byte-level deduplication technologies on the market into their custom storage systems. Lortu is headquartered in Bilbao, Spain. For more information, please visit

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