Get safe and totally secure online storage services from Databarracks by paying pretty competitive rates and protect your data against loss, theft or emergencies.

UK, Oct 22, 2010 -(PRLog)– As data becomes the lifeblood of businesses, and the currency used by businesses to survive in the 21st century, online storage facilities need to provide a level of service which is both secure and dynamic. Databarracks is a UK provider of just such a service.

As the way in which more and more businesses work is changing to accommodate the ever-growing demand for online storage, backup storage, automated online backup facilities and global access to shared data, businesses are finding that there are actually fewer companies than ever providing the level of security that is required. In a world where data is very often the currency upon which businesses rely, it is essential that any online storage facility, no matter how small or large, provides the very highest possible level of security.

Databarracks is a UK-based online storage and backup solutions service which is being relied upon by many of the leading businesses and organisations that rely upon data and the security of their data as a fundamental aspect of the success of their business.

Databarracks offers an unrivalled level of security, with multiple levels of redundancy in order to ensure that data is both secure, and readily accessible.

This is another issue which many businesses have come across, finding that some online storage facilities provide limited, unreliable or slow levels of access to data which can often prove to be severely debilitating.

Databarracks only uses the very latest and fastest technologies ensuring that their online storage facilities can perform every bit as quickly as the business needs access to its data. With a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers working around the clock, and with online storage facilities located in some of the most secure locations in the country, Databarracks is the name that has been relied upon by many leading brands and organisations.

For more information about Databarracks or to find out more about their online storage and data backup solutions visit their website at

Phone: 0800 033 6633

Fort George
St. Peter Port
Guernsey, UK

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