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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, October 27, 2010 –(Marketwire)– More of today’s work is done online. Instead of sending large files via surface mail, most people now send them via e-mail or by using online storage; however, both of these solutions present security concerns.

In order to send a large file, people are often forced to send their content to an unknown email server or online storage system which may not be secure.

That is why OfficeHARD was invented. OfficeHARD is an enterprise online storage solution designed to facilitate internal & external collaboration in a secure environment. OfficeHARD is an integrated SW & HW solution that provides effective data security by putting the file server in your office. This server can be accessed anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. OfficeHARD’s enhanced functions create a comprehensive and secure collaboration environment.

OfficeHARD was introduced in the Japanese market in 2009 to great success. Its outstanding features and stability were widely acknowledged in the Asian market, garnering it the Good Software Certification and 1st Prize from the Computer Software Association of Japan.

This outstanding product has been improved and upgraded to OfficeHARD 2010 and is now ready for the US market. For a limited time, SJ Namo, Inc. is offering free evaluation opportunities and also monthly licensing options on limited products.

The advantages of OfficeHARD are as below.

File Transfer — File/Folder Links

  • Upload files and folders and create links to them
  • Assign passwords & expiry dates

Collaboration — Shared/Guest Folders

  • Shared Folders: Share data with internal groups quickly & securely and assign permissions for each folder to control user access
  • Guest Folders: Create guest folders with IDs and passwords for partners to share data securely

Exclusive Application — OfficeHARD Mini

  • An exclusive Windows application provides convenient access to key OfficeHARD features

Security — Permissions/Log Management/SSL

  • Assign access permissions for file sharing activities to reinforce data security
  • View file/link/login logs & use LDAP sync

Globalized Product — Multi OS & Browser, Multi Language

  • Supports multiple operating systems, browsers and languages

Folder Sync & Slide Show

  • Various services integrated to maximize user convenience

It recreates the features and performance of OfficeHARD through a virtual infrastructure and offers the following advantages: fast and simple installation, convenient transfer to other virtual infrastructures, easy installation of additional OfficeHARD appliances, and reduced total operational costs.

For more information, contact:
SJ Namo, Inc.

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