Tryg–Keepit Partnership Agreement Offers Innovative New Business Insurance with Built-In Online Data Backup Services

Copenhagen, Denmark, Nov. 9, 2010 –/– The Danish online data backup expert has signed a groundbreaking deal with insurance group Tryg (NASDAQ OMX, ticker: TRYG), one of the largest insurers in the Nordic region. Tryg’s business customers can now get insurance with built-in online backup, securing both tangible and valuable digital data assets.

In order to integrate its solution for Tryg, Keepit has launched an updated and greatly improved version of their professional online backup suite. The new and improved control panel will allow both small and large companies to manage backups on employee computers and servers centrally. Features like central deployment and configuration simplifies the backup process and improves data security. Combined with a new multi-user control panel, keepit is the perfect tool for any IT manager who wants to ensure that company backup policies are upheld.

“The launch of a digital insurance for professional users, in cooperation with Tryg, is yet another milestone for us,” says Frederik Schouboe, Keepit CEO. “Not only do we take giant steps on to companies’ laptops and servers with a new breakthrough product, but also secure Keepit a unique position in the fast-growing market for online backups.”

By the end of 2010, the market for online backup is expected to be $4 billion with a projected growth of more than $10 billion in 2013. However, the growth potential is not new to Keepit, having been a leading player in the global market for backup for home users in the last three years.

Kresten Bach Sondergaard, Keepit Product Manager says, “Keepit has been ranked as one of the best consumer online data backup solutions for the past three years at the industry leading review website, and I believe that adding a small business version to our product mix will further strengthen our products and services.”

“We offer businesses of any size a unique combination of user-friendly design, low cost, secure and a professional products, which come with IBM back-end technology”, says Frederik Schouboe, “The real innovation of our new business product is that we have integrated safety and security for both centralized and decentralized data; whether on laptops, desktops or servers – securing all the company’s data resources. All these are reflected in the new data insurance launched with Tryg.”

Strategic partnerships
The business model employed by Keepit is based on strategic partnerships with telecommunications companies, insurance corporations and security vendors. The backup solution is often “wrapped” in the partner’s name and brand, as the partners already have an existing relationship with their clients.

“The financial industry enjoys a high level of trust and credibility in the eyes of their customers, when it comes to providing security in everyday life. That is why a service like ours, backed by one of the largest insurance providers in Scandinavia, is a strong match,” Frederik Schouboe explains.

Keepit has enthused great international interests, and is currently in dialogue with several U.S. insurance companies on similar collaborations.

“The insurance industry is a strategic focus for Keepit, and we expect to set the standard for future digital insurance. We have a clear vision of how to incorporate backup and digital security into the ‘old’ insurance policies. Additionally, our insight and experience in the online data backup industry gives us a unique position and head start as we are backed by Cohaesio when compared to other backup vendors,” concludes Frederik Schouboe.

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About Keepit
Keepit is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a branch office in Reston, VA, USA. Keepit, a leading global provider of Online Backup service, is a simple and automatic online data backup tool providing high security and low price, allowing everyone to securely backup their digital life.

Keepit provides simple and intuitive unlimited online backup, by developing and refining its backup offers and making its technology the simplest on the market, requiring the least effort from users. Keepit’s motto is “the less clicks the better” – minimizing any reason for not doing backups.

Keepit A/S is sister company to Cohaesio A/S, a market leader in web hosting, server management and data infrastructure. Cohaesio is the company behind webhosting success,

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