Nashville, Nov 30, 2010 –/– US DataVault, ( a leader in providing offsite backup services, disaster recovery planning and implementation services to small and medium-sized businesses, announced today that it has broken the 10TB data protection mark.

“Coupled with compression and at the source de-duplication provided by the ROBOBAK cloud backup solution (, I’m able to store my customer’s data using a fraction of the space on our high-end disks. At the source de-duplication allows efficient utilization of bandwidth by only transferring what has actually changed.” said Marc Shaffer, US DataVault’s president and chief executive officer.

Data de-duplication, described as the process of reducing duplication in data transfers prior to moving it over the wire by comparing differential changes in data, is a technology that can significantly reduce costs associated with data storage in the cloud; first, by the reduction in bandwidth required by only transferring blocks that have changed; and second, by reducing I/O and space on the storage cluster and storing only what is changed.

Rather than transferring the full file any time there have been incremental changes, ROBOBAK identifies the specific blocks of data that have been modified, so backups only transfer changed blocks instead of the mass file.

“We wouldn’t put our name on the product unless we trusted it explicitly. ROBOBAK has repeatedly proven to be effective and reliable,” Shaffer said, noting that US DataVault has branded the ROBOBAK suite as its own for marketing purposes. “ROBOBAK forms the base of our core product. We’re sold on it,” he added.

About US Data Vault
US DataVault is a well established company providing Offsite Backup services, Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation services, Co-Lo, Bandwidth and Web Hosting to many sizes and types of businesses since 2001.

Please visit or call 625-596-4898.

ROBOBAK is a complete cloud based data protection solution for the Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) backup. ROBOBAK was designed to empower MSPs, VARs, and corporations to create public or private cloud based backup solutions. The ROBOBAK v10 Data Protection Suite provides companies and their customers with the perfect data protection solution, coupling easy installation with powerful administration and scalability. For more information on ROBOBAK, please visit or call 888.946.0165.

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