TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec. 22, 2010 –/PRNewswire-Asia/– eCareme Technologies, Inc., a member of ASUS Group, announced four strategic objectives for ASUS WebStorage cloud solutions in 2011—to branch into the tablet market, to enhance information security, to deploy “entertainment cloud service”, and to build an online developer community, aiming to create another climax for its online storage business. Furthermore, gearing up for the upcoming 2011, eCareme has demonstrated its ambition by launching MEar, a next-generation entertainment cloud to deliver streaming music on the go. Effective today, nearly 4 million users in more than 200 markets/regions around the world can manage 10,000 titles in their music collection with MEar and enjoy their music across platforms wherever they want.

eCareme continues to add different dimensions to users’ mobile life and facilitate convenient mobile experience with its various cloud applications. “The launch of MEar cloud music service has proven that ASUS is an innovative cloud solutions provider. Soon MEar will be incorporated into ASUS handheld devices along with world leading navigation services bringing more added values to our handheld products so that users can benefit from ASUS’ great innovation and technology,” said Benson Lin, general manager of ASUS Handheld Business Group.

“Looking back, the solid results on ASUS WebStorage earning reports suggest a strong performance,” said eCareme CEO Peter Wu. “The number of users has been growing exponentially over the past few years, with around 4 million users in the world currently. In terms of product development, we’ll expand the WebStorage services to mobile devices like Android or iPhone platforms. As for our future operational strategies, we will be more active in entrenching visibility in the business market and establish data centers in China to create brand new ‘China Cloud Service.’ In addition, our strategic alliances with telecom carrier, Far EasTone Telecommunications, and leading retail chain stores, 7-Eleven will help improve our cloud-based applications.”

For the upcoming 2011, eCareme will keep the momentum going with the launch of MEar, Wu said. “We will be extending our presence in the mobile tablet devices market and develop more cloud-based entertainment applications. Security will definitely be on our top priority. Moreover, to encourage more IT talents to engage in cloud-based research, eCareme will dedicate itself to building a developer community, providing opportunities for new innovations.”

MEar, shorthand for “Music plus Ear,” enables users to enjoy music whenever, wherever they want. The service dismantles traditional boundaries that limit music access to consumers (MEar service is designed with the mindset that consumers should not be limited to computer as the only source of their musical access). With MEar, people can play personalized music collections across multiple devices like desktops, laptops or Android phones, saving the troubles of repeatedly creating playlists on different platforms; therefore, allowing for an easier management of their music collections and time saved. In addition, its built-in push app to Facebook allows users to post their thoughts on the music they are listening and share them with friends. Moreover, the unlimited storage space and remote access provided by ASUS WebStorage enables an instant lookup from MEar’s comprehensive music library.

To allow as many consumers as possible to experience the entire MEar firsthand, eCareme has rolled out a free trial program worldwide beginning Dec. 15, 2010 to Jan. 15, 2011. Register and download MEar to get free 5G storage for one year (store up to 1,000 MP3 files).

About ASUS WebStorage
ASUS WebStorage, an online storage service originally designed for Eee PC users, now has been expanded into Eee Family, ASUS NB, ASUS Home Server, etc. Leveraging eCareme cloud computing technology, ASUS WebStorage circumvents the capacity limitations of traditional hardware file servers and provides consumers with rich, dynamic user experience.

About MEar
MEar is a cloud-based music service provided by eCareme. Major features include:

* Carry with you all the music that you have listened

All the music played by MEar will always follow you wherever you go, and you will always enjoy your favorite music no matter where you are by simply activating MEar.

* Enjoy non-stop music

The playlist edited by MEar in cloud is automatically applicable to various platforms to save the time that would otherwise be required for repeated editing.

* Easily manage your music in cloud

When you activate MEar again, MEar will continue from the last played song providing continuous music enjoyment.

* Provide enjoyment across platforms

Be it a desktop, laptop, or Android phone, MEar provides music enjoyment to you all the time.

For more information, visit

About eCareme
eCareme, founded in 2000, is a global provider of the innovation solutions for cloud-based applications. As a leading cloud computing technology specialist, we provide high-availability services and innovative cloud solutions for the mobile communications markets around the world. As a member of ASUS Group since 2008, eCareme started to deliver the prominent ASUS WebStorage service that dramatically changes how customers solve storage issues. In addition, with sound experience in development and support of cloud computing, we proudly offer various cloud-based applications and value-added services to mobile and fixed-line telecommunications industries that serve millions of subscribers.

At eCareme, we are true believers in the power of innovation, the collective imagination of our customers, partners and employees. In today’s competitive environment, we understand the importance of cost-effective, flexible and highly integrated cloud services. With that in mind, we are dedicated to provide these superior services by utilizing the endless possibilities in cloud-based innovations.

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SOURCE: eCareme Technologies, Inc.

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