Snuko PLC: Snuko releases version 2 for Windows

Essex, UK, Jan 17, 2011 –/– Snuko will be releasing their new version of their anti-theft and data recovery software for windows, which now includes live online backup, on Thursday 20th January 2011.

Snuko, a provider of Anti-Theft software, have recently released their latest version of the software that includes real time online backup.

The previous version of Snuko Anti-theft had the ability to backup, encrypt and remove data on the stolen device after it had been reported stolen. The new and improved version of Snuko no longer requires the stolen or lost device be connected to the internet before the owner can retrieve their data from the PC/Laptop.

Via the web based user account, the user can now, not only report the device lost, but also easily access backed up data on the device from the web.

‘This is a complete rethinking of how we want the software to handle data loss’, says Carlos Benvenuti, CEO of Snuko. He continues, ‘Our main focus with this new version has been to ensure that users get their data back. Our first version of the software required the device to connect to the internet before our application was activated and we could, take pictures of the user, get IP information for police reports, lock the device, encrypt the data on the device, and allow the user to recover their data.’

The new system has been modified so that it now keeps an active backup of the users data on the Snuko backup servers, meaning data can be retrieved even if the device is lost and never connects to the internet.

‘In the previous version of the software, if the device was lost and never connected to the internet, the user wouldn’t be able to get their data back. In the latest version, there is always a copy of the users data located on our backup servers, which allows the users to access their data at any time via a browser. It also bears mentioning that the data is securely encrypted when stored, meaning only the appropriate account holder will be able to access their stored data, always keeping the privacy of our
customers our highest priority’ states Mr. Benvenuti.

To achieve this new functionality, Snuko partnered up with Mozy, one of the world leaders in online backup.

Carlos continues, ‘When we decided to change the way we handled data backup, we decided to see if we could partner with a world leader within this field to provide this functionality to us instead of re-inventing the wheel ourselves. Mozy was a natural choice as their innovative features and functionality matched well with our product.’

The new version of Snuko comes in two versions, a free version and a paid version. Both versions are identical and include Geo-Location tracking, the ability to take pictures of thief and IP logs for precise identification of thief to help law enforcement agencies. Both the free and paid versions include 1 GB online data backup, though the free version only includes this online backup for 1 month free of charge. The paid version can also be upgraded to 10 or 25 GB backup.

So how does Snuko work?
As soon as the Snuko Anti-Theft software is installed on your computer it instantly starts backing up your data in the background. In the event your computer is ever lost or stolen you simply report it lost in your account on the Snuko website. Once the software checks in with the Snuko servers it is notified of the lost status and starts tracking the device. Not only is the device tracked but webcam images and desktop images are taken to help locate who is using it and how they are using it. To ensure the
protection of your data Snuko also encrypts and hides all of your personal files, thus in the eye of the thief data just starts disappearing! Once Snuko has what it needs to successfully locate the device it locks it down to prevent further use but we allow the finder to send a personal message including contact info to the owner.


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