January 24, 2011
By Lee Garrison, Chief Marketing Officer at KineticD

KineticD Online Backup Expert Tips For SMBs: Team Virtualization with Online Backup

Online backup services have made it possible for small and medium enterprises to set up virtual work teams without large capital investments in IT hardware and infrastructure. It is now feasible, and affordable, for any size of enterprise to seamlessly connect its workforce over the Internet and take advantage of online tools for collaboration, interaction and information sharing. The era of the truly agile, global “kinetic business” has arrived!

Whether you have just a few team members or a department of a hundred, you can start taking advantage of these technologies today. Team virtualization starts with an enterprise de-linking local computing resources from the physical infrastructure, transferring enterprise information to an offsite server for storage, disaster recovery and ease of access. These cloud services become the core enablers for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and provide unprecedented economies of scale and reduction of costs. Software as a Service (SaaS) enables highly flexible communication and control of the way in which data is accessed or used by members of the virtual team.

You will also want to consider virtual workforce management with basic security protections including identification, authentication and authorization. Virtual teams and members of such teams may be identified and defined in accordance with the policies of your enterprise. Many services, such as online backup services provide agent-interface software to enforce rules and policies along with an administrator console to manage domains, assign users, permissions and access protocols for these virtual teams. User-ids and passwords should be defined to authenticate individual users with authorization protocols to provide access to specific document or types of information or even the kind of activities the users can perform on an accessed document.

Once you have the basics in place, your virtual teams can collaborate and share files and folders they are permitted to access or use. Consider your document collaboration process and how you want to control modification of the files. Version controls are a very handy way to prevent overwriting the original document, tracking changes as well as guard against data corruption. Many online backup service providers provide versioning allowing users to save multiple versions of a document based on automated rules. More advanced cloud collaboration services allow document commenting and locking features along with archiving and other services.

Mobile members of your virtual team will access the files and folders in the cloud storage or online backup server by connecting to the account using a web browser or a specialized lightweight client application. Your authentication and authorization protocols give them access to the data via the web only if the authentication is successful and the login information matches the data contained in the authentication table of the online database. Once authenticated, remote workers have the ability to upload or update information in the database in accordance with the rights and permissions available to them.

At KineticD, we are focused on enabling the “Kinetic Business” – one that is agile, highly mobile and secure – and ensuring that the power of workforce virtualization is tangible to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Our cloud services and storage are used daily by over 15,000 SMBs around the world and proven to bring them measurable business value. With online backup, recovery and secure remote access all available through our single access point, we not only protect their critical digital assets, but easily enable their virtual workers with 24 x 7 x 365 access to their business information from anywhere and from any kind of device … even their iPhone!

About the author: Lee Garrison is the CMO at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.

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