eSilo’s revolutionary incremental restore and client-side data rehydration technologies cut restore times by up to 99 percent

JUPITER, Fla. Feb 1, 2011 –(BUSINESS WIRE)– eSilo, a leading provider of comprehensive online data backup, storage solutions and data management services, today announced SiloSphereâ„¢, a groundbreaking global backup and disaster recovery software technology designed and optimized for the era of cloud computing, offering midrange users for the first time enterprise-class functionality and performance typically reserved for the Fortune 1000.

Today’s backup software is unsuited to meet the local and remote office needs that geographically dispersed infrastructures now demand. SiloSphere was built on the philosophy that backup is merely a means to an end with data recovery being the ultimate objective. By tailoring a solution that accounts for the needs of remote backup, archiving and recovery, SiloSphere allows businesses from the midrange to the enterprise to take full advantage of cloud computing’s potential for the first time in a single comprehensive package. SiloSphere’s proprietary global architecture including Reduplication™ data rehydration, Backive online backup and archive storage and Recover Assure™ data deduplication makes SiloSphere the most compelling solution on the market today.

“The challenges with backing up and recovering distributed data, such as that of remote and branch offices to a central data center, is driving new requirements for minimizing the volume of data transferred and accelerating recovery processes,” said Lauren Whitehouse, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “eSilo employs deduplication and other optimization techniques to dramatically reduce the impact of moving workload copies between sites for data protection, making it a compelling solution for any size organization faced with the combination of time and bandwidth constraints in backup and recovery operations.”

“SiloSphere will completely change the way that companies approach data protection,” said Andrew Chernow, Chief Technologist at eSilo. “It eliminates the need for companies to deploy multiple point backup and restore solutions. SiloSphere’s modular design is engineered for high-throughput backup and recovery operations that provide unlimited scalability and performance to achieve the highest levels of reliability, security and efficiency both locally and at remote sites. For organizations looking to easily, quickly and cost-effectively ensure their data is protected, SiloSphere is the answer.”

Global Solution

SiloSphere is a fault-tolerant mesh of data points (computers/agents) scattered around the enterprise and controlled by distributed Universal Storage Nodes (USN). SiloSphere’s ability to administer all data points around the world from a centralized management interface allows for the application of global retention policies, ensuring document compliance enforcement throughout the organization. SiloSphere’s centralized web management interface and global network architecture eliminates the remote office barrier while still managing one cohesive backup, archiving and recovery system with unlimited scalability.

Reduplication Data Rehydration

Architected with an emphasis on recovery, SiloSphere’s revolutionary distributed architecture delivers unlimited scalability, high availability and efficiency through its proprietary Reduplication process, a data rehydration technology that exceeds recovery time objectives by rehydrating data on the restore target rather than the archive server, minimizing the data transferred, slashing recovery times and extending the value proposition of data deduplication. Recovery times are further reduced by utilizing SiloSphere’s incremental restore technology, ability to recover the latest data and recognizing the best data path by comparing local disk and network speeds.

Backive Online Backup and Archive Storage

SiloSphere keeps all data backed up within an online archive enabling online searching of global data sets without first performing a recovery operation. This unique capability – known as Backive – makes SiloSphere the only ROBO backup and recovery product to incorporate eDiscovery functionality, further consolidating and simplifying enterprise-wide legal holds and discovery.

Recover Assureâ„¢ Data Deduplication

Recover Assure™ is eSilo’s proprietary global data deduplication technology that combines multiple data compression algorithms to provide massive reductions in data stored and transferred. Recover Assure’s ability to identify a data block amongst a vast pool of data points is unparalleled and dramatically reduces information redundancy and backup window times. Recover Assure is able to identify bad blocks and prevent the retransmission of error files throughout the system leading to a full recovery of all business-critical information.

“Cloud storage continues to be among the hottest technologies in the industry today but far too many vendors continue to focus solely on the backup end of it and fail to properly address optimizing restore times, which is the most critical part of the backup and recovery equation,” said Jerry Jeffries, CEO of eSilo. “SiloSphere is able to meet the demands of today’s global businesses through our Reduplication data rehydration technology that streamlines the restore process, cutting restore times by as much as 99 percent. It is a solution that solves the cost, complexity and capacity issues many face from their primary backup vendor while taking advantage of cloud storage’s potential.”

About eSilo, LLC

eSilo, LLC is a privately owned company offering comprehensive online data backup, storage solutions and data management services for individuals and corporations. Since 2002, the founders of eSilo have provided communications solutions to companies throughout the United States. Utilizing its technical expertise, eSilo combines its understanding of both individual and corporate IT requirements to provide a remote data storage application that allows companies of all sizes to back up, manage and protect their business-critical data on a scheduled basis in a consistent, secure, reliable and affordable manner. Additional information about the company is available online at

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