Secure Your Data With Vaultwise Online Backup Service

Vaultwise has created and maintained a reliable service for their clients without ever raising prices.

Detroit, MI, Feb 13, 2011 –/– For small and medium sized business saving the data of a server with server backup software is very essential. If your server is not backed up your data and information are not secure. Server Backup provides a basic backup and recovery solution for all computers. To run your business successfully and confidently, you need a reliable and secure server backup service. Vaultwise is providing secure data storage with complete disaster recovery solution. It has become a leader in the backup industry with its high standards and strict policies.

To ensure maximum protection and for ultimate data security implementing, an online server backup is the right decision. Your data will be automatically and securely transmitted to a remote data center by using a robust online server backup solution.

Some key benefits of Vaultwise online server backup include:

  • It is cost effective service and can be customized through chronological versioning and web-based console.
  • It is providing high performance with common database integration.
  • It meets the standards of many new corporations and government regulations with required specific data management protocols.
  • It supports all leading operating systems and hence you can get worry free online secure backups from Vaultwise.

Vaultwise offer stable and reliable systems for server backups with proven software applications. It has many data centers located in Michigan, Texas, China, Germany, Australia and Czech Republic. Vaultwise is providing the highest level of customer service with special features like, physical security, 24×7 closed-circuit video monitoring, RFID access, Commercial Telco-grade data center with redundant power, network and HVAC and new commercial storage equipment.

A remote backup service is opted by many users as it is important to have a backup of their own data and information. The user’s data and information is stored in a remote location which are usually located in an offsite location. Before transferring the data and information to the hardware, it was collected, compressed and encrypted by storage software. Vaultwise is providing a secured data storage by using remote backup and online backup. Mozy backup company recently have radically changed their pricing polices as “Pay more, get less” due to poor planning on their part. But, Vaultwise team has never raised prices, only increased the features, options and quality of server backup services for last more than 5 years.

About provides information about the remote backup and online backup services offered by Vaultwise. It is one of the most visited website. Detailed information about the benefits and usage of the server backup can be obtained from this website.

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