Quickly and easily store and manage beloved family memories and vital household information with access anywhere, anytime

PALM DESERT, Calif. and MALVERN, Pa., Feb. 28, 2011 –/PRNewswire/– (DEMO Spring 2011) — AboutOne, a secure online family management system that makes it easier for families to manage daily life, launched publicly today at DEMO (, the world-renowned launch platform for some of the most notable emerging technologies introduced over the past two decades. AboutOne provides a centralized location for moms and other family members to quickly and easily store and manage beloved family memories and vital household information, which they can then access anywhere, anytime–at home or away, from any web-enabled device.

“AboutOne was created out of my direct experiences as a mother of four children,” says Joanne Lang, CEO at AboutOne. “I had several personal experiences in which I needed immediate access to our critical household information, but after trying a number of tools on the market, I found that none adequately provided the assistance I needed in managing the daily details of home and work life from home or on the road. I finally decided to develop AboutOne in order to make it easier for busy moms like myself to manage family life, no matter where they are.”

After a successful beta launch in October 2010, AboutOne has nearly 4,000 users already on board. AboutOne is much more than a digital filing cabinet that fits in a pocket– it makes your information work for you and serves as an organizational GPS, guiding you along the path to organization. It carries the burden of saving essential family information and making it easily accessible while on-the-go for 82.8 million busy moms in the US (according to a 2008 Census Bureau study –

Why Choose AboutOne

Generally, people dislike household organizational tasks such as record keeping and filing because they are both inconvenient and time-consuming. However, most families do feel it is important to preserve family memories and have instant access to essential household information in case of an emergency.

AboutOne provides a number of advantages over other information management solutions. It’s truly the first-of-its-kind application that eliminates the need for storing valuable household information and family memories across multiple digital or paper-based systems. AboutOne brings together automatic software upgrades/updates, fast and convenient data entry, proactive instructions on being organized, and sharing/reporting of both household and career information in a way that is easy and efficient. Specifically:

Automatic software upgrades. AboutOne users don’t have to worry about software upgrades–all software upgrades are handled without interruption by our staff.

Automatic updating. In comparison with similar applications, AboutOne is not dependent on hardware or an operating system. As a web-based application that follows current HTML W3C standards, AboutOne can run on any operating system with a browser.

Personalized advice and help. The bottom line–AboutOne helps people know what information they should be keeping, without requiring it. Our application assists and guides users in both creating and managing their information. With our unique Intelligence Engine, we’re able to support decision-making by providing links, supporting information, and resources at the time when a user needs it most.

A new perspective on household information. AboutOne stores information across all areas of a customer’s personal and professional life, thereby making it easy to compile and use on a daily basis. AboutOne’s system is designed to make intelligent use of household information, so the customer only has to enter it once. AboutOne is unique in the way it lets the customer use the information after it has been entered. Users can output information in prebuilt reports on many different aspects of household management, giving the customer a new perspective on the information.

What customers are saying about AboutOne

Mandi, mom and organization specialist

“There are plenty of remote backup sites that allow you to store files and documents,” said Mandi Ehman, founder & editor of Organizing Your Way website, an organization specialist and mother of four. “But what really sets AboutOne apart is the way it helps you organize your data, documents and family memories so that everything you need is at your fingertips, allowing you to reduce the amount of paper clutter in your home.”

Lisa, mom and attorney

“What a time saver (and stress reducer) this has been and I am amazed at how quickly I have brought our family records up to date,” says Lisa, mother of two and an attorney. “I am just so excited about this service. I can’t imagine every parent wouldn’t want to have all their vital information at their fingertips (literally). I am looking forward to all the new features so I can organize the rest of my life!”

Krystel, military wife

“Moving with the military constantly can make things hectic and information can get misplaced a lot,” says Krystel, a military wife and AboutOne user. “Using AboutOne makes things easier by allowing me to have one click access to important information and documents that I might not otherwise have access to right away when arriving at my new home.”

About AboutOne
AboutOne is a secure online family management system that makes it easier for families to manage daily life by providing a centralized location in which to quickly and easily store and manage beloved family memories and vital household information. Family members are able to access this information anywhere, anytime–at home or away, from any web-enabled device. With its time-saving features like APIs and wizards, AboutOne makes it possible to quickly enter information with a phone, a scanner, or computer, within the regular flow of the day. Users simply open their account, and in seconds, are able to enter information as life happens in order to be more prepared for the future–whether it’s documenting a baby’s first steps, scanning a household receipt or recording an idea in a gift log. With AboutOne, moms have important information at their fingertips and are able to make informed decisions quickly and effortlessly. For more information, or to sign up, visit

Katrine Kubis

Allyson Stinchfield
H3O for AboutOne

SOURCE: AboutOne

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