Recovery Point’s new Cloud Backup and Recovery offering is a fully integrated solution including provisioning of software, infrastructure and platform as an on-demand service.

Gaithersburg, MD, Mar 27, 2011 –(PRWEB)– Recovery Point, a leading national provider of integrated business continuity solutions to government agencies and commercial and non-profit organizations, today announced the launch of its new Cloud Backup and Recovery offering, a fully integrated solution including the provisioning of software, infrastructure and platform as an on-demand service.

“In the disaster recovery business, backup does not mean ‘back in business,’ and simple cloud-based backup and data restoration should not be confused with more substantial cloud-enabled backup and disaster recovery,” said Dick Fordham, Recovery Point director of marketing and strategy. “The problem for customers is that as providers scramble for mind share in the category of ‘cloud’ services, they’re creating confusion as to what exactly cloud services are and how they can be accessed. Our new approach to providing data backup and disaster recovery as a single integrated process — through the cloud — should go a long way toward reducing the confusion.”

Unlike typical online services, Recovery Point’s Cloud Backup and Recovery service combines efficient on-line backup and restoration with options for full-fledged disaster recovery services into a single, cost-effective solution. Clients’ data is stored at Recovery Point’s enterprise disaster recovery facilities. In the event of a disaster, clients only need to place a single phone call to invoke their option to re-populate almost any virtual or physical replacement server in the cloud. And because Recovery Point captures the entire server image and not just data files, access to restored servers, applications and data can begin in as little as one hour after a total server loss.

Recovery Point’s Cloud Backup and Recovery service is accessible from anywhere in the country, thanks to the company’s unique dark fiber cloud infrastructure that extends remote storage and recovery infrastructure directly into key national network peering points where the world’s major internet backbones and interchange peering points meet. This creates the most robust, scalable and accessible cloud resources available anywhere. If clients have a preferred carrier source, Recovery Point can cross-connect to them directly and eliminate the “last mile.” Recovery Point is “on-net” to virtually every carrier.

Visit the Recovery Point booth 416, at Disaster Recovery Journal’s Spring World 2011 in Orlando to learn more about the new service and the chance to win your company 6 months free service.

About Recovery Point
Recovery Point’s family of integrated business continuity solutions includes full service consulting; planning software with built-in notification features; hot site, cold site and work area recovery; off-site data storage and transportation; cloud backup and recovery, and secure hosting provisioned with nationwide, carrier neutral network resources. Delivered from multiple, secure facilities, Recovery Point’s services can be acquired individually or specially packaged in any combination to help clients reduce risk, eliminate vendor fragmentation and accelerate recovery processes.


Dick Fordham
Recovery Point

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