Company’s iSeries iSCSI SAN Brings Ease-of-Use, Efficiency, and Enterprise-Class Capabilities to Mid-Sized Businesses

THOUSAND OAKS, CA, Mar 30, 2011 –(Marketwire)– Nexsan®, a leading independent provider of disk-based storage systems, today announced that its iSeries™ iSCSI SAN solution was highlighted in an Outlook Report prepared by Storage Strategies NOW titled “Data Protection and Recovery in the Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB).” The report notes that until recently, the SMB market for data protection has been underserved, even though surveys conducted in 2010 revealed that SMBs have made data protection the highest priority for IT spending. Today however, disk storage systems aimed specifically at mid-market customers have changed the landscape.

Traditionally, tape was considered the best option for SMBs because the cost per byte stored is less on a single tape cartridge than on a disk. The report argues that today disk is by far the better option. “Backup to tape typically uses a Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) managed retention plan. Since this plan produces 25 times more copies than disk storage does, tape is actually much more expensive… using disk for a protection library allows users to share resources among multiple servers, simultaneously. The labor costs of managing the tape, the risk of data loss and downtime, performance limitations, and the inconvenience of offline storage make tape storage even less attractive.”

The limitations of tape storage become clearer given the explosion of the digital universe. Until the late 1990s, tape technology made sense for the volume of data backed up, but today most mid-sized enterprises are unable to back up all of their data within the necessary window, let alone restore data fast enough to meet business requirements.

“Nexsan was founded specifically to offer mid-sized organizations all the benefits of the disk-to-disk backup solutions that until recently have been the preserve of large organizations,” said Randy Chalfant, Vice President of Strategy, Nexsan. “We examined and rethought every aspect of disk storage to deliver a scalable product line that offers enterprise-class storage and features as well as outstanding efficiency and power management for a broad range of customers.”

Disk Backup Is More Efficient and Uses Less Power than Tape
“Data Protection and Recovery in the Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB)” provides an in-depth look at the benefits disk-to-disk backup brings to SMBs, finding that next-generation disk systems bring exceptional efficiency and power management capabilities, which are particularly strong compared to tape.

“Disk has made huge advances in power efficiency with spin-down technology like Nexsan’s AutoMAID® that enables highly cost-efficient long-term data retention by progressively putting disks into deeper sleep modes while offering near instantaneous response,” the report says. “Nexsan disk arrays allow the performance and management simplicity of disk backup with greatly reduced power consumption.” The authors say it would be reasonable to expect a 60% reduction in overall power use for an advanced MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) power-management disk subsystem versus more traditional disk at a given capacity.

Nexsan Provides Enterprise-Class Storage, Features, and Benefits
Tape has a 10% failure rate per year, forcing users to make multiple copies of every tape and leading to a much higher cost per byte protected. In contrast, disk backup has multiple built-in reliability and protection elements such as RAID and automated error checking. The report concludes that “Using disk as a library offers… the most operationally efficient solution.” Restore is also more efficient with disk; recovery time for 10TB is nearly 23 hours from an LTO4 tape backup, but only 2.5 hours from a high-performance disk array. As the reliability and performance of SATA arrays have gone way up, price has continued to fall, to the point that the value equation now favors disk. Overall, the report concludes that disk libraries are far faster and far more reliable than tape.

“Protection, performance, reliability, management, and cost all favor disk storage,” said Deni Connor, Principal Analyst at Storage Strategies NOW and one of the report’s authors. “As one of the pioneers in disk-to-disk backup, Nexsan understands and delivers the benefits of low-cost disk for the backup environment.”

Franklin Synergy Bank, a financial institution based in Franklin, Tennessee and a Nexsan storage system user, emphasized the advantages of Nexsan’s storage for disk-based data protection. According to the organization’s CIO, Kevin Herrington, “Our selection of Nexsan was a wise choice as we have experienced stellar reliability and simplified operation. Their products addressed our challenges while simplifying Franklin’s operations with a level of ease and efficiency not available from other vendors.”

The Nexsan iSeries, a complete iSCSI SAN solution that can scale from a few terabytes up to hundreds of terabytes, enables users to consolidate multiple servers and storage systems into a single infrastructure that provides enterprise-class storage. Designed for mid-sized companies and mid-tier deployments in large organizations, the iSeries offers twice the capacity of similar solutions at a fraction of the cost. Built for enterprise-class applications, the Nexsan iSeries provides tier-1 full redundancy and high performance at tier-2 prices. Because the iSeries combines SAS and SATA capacity, IT managers do not have to choose between a performance- or capacity-driven system, and can easily scale by adding more SAS or SATA storage, eliminating the need to add SAN appliances. In addition, the Nexsan iSeries includes highly efficient storage technologies that provide a combination of cost-effective high density, space efficiency, and Nexsan’s AutoMAID energy-saving technology, which provides energy savings of up to 85%.

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About Nexsan
Nexsan is a leading independent provider of disk-based storage systems purpose-built and priced for the mid-market, offering industry-leading reliability, space, and power efficiency. Nexsan storage systems provide scalability, integrity, and security for growing volumes of unstructured data and are ideal for virtual storage, data protection, secure online archiving, and bulk and cloud storage applications. Overcoming the challenges of traditional storage, Nexsan delivers a different kind of storage experience with easy-to-use, efficient enterprise-class solutions that reduce the complexity and cost of storage. Nexsan delivers its storage systems through a select global partner ecosystem of solution providers, OEMs, and system integrators. Nexsan is based in Thousand Oaks, Calif. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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