Memory Box Backup Ltd. has changed its name to incriptus Ltd

Adelaide, Australia, April 14, 2011 –/– Memory Box, an innovative technology company founded in Adelaide, Australia has announced it is changing its trading name to incriptus.

The company introduced its internationally acclaimed, award-winning technology in 2009. Given strong interest from Australian and American channel partners to market the technology under their own brand name, rather than Memory Box, the company has changed its name and its brand identity to incriptus. Now, with a new identity and renewed focus, the company is offering its technology to channel partners as a “powered by incriptus” backup solution.

incriptus technology has changed the paradigm of online backup – by introducing the concept of distributed security. Until now cloud backup has meant sending files to large, remotely located data centres. Recent natural disasters in Australia, New Zealand and Japan have demonstrated the vulnerability of such data centers – even when they have built-in redundancy.

The distributed nature of the technology increases security, not only by encrypting the files, but by fragmenting them, encrypting them again, and finally distributing the pieces across computers throughout the incriptus network. This means that no complete file resides on any single computer or any single location. According to incriptus founder and CEO, Trevor Glen, “Our technology has resulted in data backup that is innately secure and intrinsically scalable.”

incriptus is the term that defines this unique process of encrypting, fragmenting and distributing data over the specialised network. Now, it also serves as the trading name and will appear in markets as the technology that empowers data backup – marketed by incriptus’ channel partners.

Founded by five software engineers from Motorola, incriptus has received local, national and international awards for its innovative technology. Anyone interested in more information about incriptus can contact Trevor Glen, CEO on +61 410 634 678, or visit

About incriptus Ltd
The world’s premier eco-friendly computer backup technology. Data backup that is intrinsically scalable, innately secure, and requires no data centres.

Founded by five software engineers from Motorola, incriptus has received local, national and international awards for its innovative technology. Following securing a major Australian ISP as a client, the company is now aggressively expanding its footprint both in the U.S. and Australia.

Trevor Glen
Ph: +61 410 634 678

In the US:
+1 (303) 219-7090

Australian Address:
44 Gawler Place
Adelaide, SA, 5000

US Address
8803 Lakeside Court Suite 103
Boulder, CO, 80301, USA

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