AppAssure’s Replay 4 Backup for Hyper-V helps two Canadian non-profit organizations reach increased ROI and reduce downtime while protecting highly sensitive child services databases.

Reston VA, Apr 19, 2011 –(Online PR News)– AppAssure Software, a developer of award-winning backup and disaster recovery software for mission-critical Windows applications servers, today announced that Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services and Kenora-Patricia Child and Family Services, the two non-profit child and family services agencies in Kenora, Ontario, reached 10x ROI and reduced downtime from 8 hours to 10 minutes while protecting highly sensitive child services databases using AppAssure Replay 4 backup and recovery software.

Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services and Kenora-Patricia Child and Family Services are two government-mandated, non-profits who share an IT department headed up by Greg Kolisnyk. The five-person IT team maintains confidential records, encrypted data, and other sensitive material for both organizations.

“The integrity of our applications and the uptime of our servers are critical,” explains Kolisnyk. “Staff members are dealing with protection issues, family health, as well as child safety and endangerment. They are making decisions about the welfare of our community’s children based on the information stored on our networks and provided by our servers.”

At any time, one organization’s social worker could be in a remote area connecting to one of Kolisnyk’s web servers to access the highly sensitive records of a family situation. “That staff worker has to make what could be life and death decisions based on what is seen in those records. The situation can be dangerous or hostile and the information has to be accurate and available. Period,” Kolisnyk stressed.

Kolisnyk knew they needed a more dependable backup and disaster recovery solution than what they were using. This is how the team found Replay 4 Backup Software from AppAssure.

Kolisnyk and his IT team couldn’t be happier with the choice they made going with Replay 4 as their evolved backup and disaster recovery solution. “I could see the value in Replay right away,” notes Kolisnyk. “I could see how it was going to give us the same features as the higher-priced solutions at a fraction of the cost. We’ve saved money on almost every aspect we can, and we’ve spent less time maintaining the software and our backups. Our MS SQL backups have become particularly easy. We didn’t have to purchase high end expensive storage solutions, and we were able to easily add an offsite replication site without requiring high end technical expertise. This means our sensitive data is safe.”

In almost every way Kolisnyk can measure success, Replay has given his team the data protection and peace of mind they were seeking. Staff satisfaction, time saved, research time, etc. – are all better with Replay. “We almost get excited when someone loses a file!”

All of Replay’s award-winning features have allowed Kolisnyk and his team to move into a virtualized environment with offsite disaster recovery availability which will meet the strict data retention and compliance for Canada’s non-profits. “We have seven years of accessible, encrypted confidential data ready to go,” says Kolisnyk.

As Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services and Kenora-Patricia Child and Family Services looks towards the future, Replay will play a key role in Kolisnyk’s team’s work. “We always keep our mission to protect families and children in front of us. We can’t have technology stand in the way. That’s why we’re using Replay.”

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About Anishinaabe Abinoojii and Kenora-Patricia
Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services and Kenora-Patricia Child and Family Services are two non-profit child and family services agencies in Kenora, Ontario, servicing the needs of the community’s children and youth.

About AppAssure Software
AppAssure Software is a leading provider of innovative backup and disaster recovery software for Windows application servers. AppAssure’s flagship product, Replay 4 is an application-aware, disk-based imaging solution that automatically and continuously snapshots entire Windows application servers delivering accelerated application backups and disaster recovery for in minutes. For more information about AppAssure Software, visit

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