The Fastest, Easiest Way to Move Photos and Folders Between Android Devices and Computers

No Wires, No User Interaction Required to Sync Photos and Folders from Android Devices to Computers

SAN MATEO, CALIF., April 25, 2011 –/– SugarSync Inc., makers of the award-winning SugarSync online file backup, access and sharing service, today announced the availability of its re-designed SugarSync for Android app, now featuring SugarSync’s new AutoSync technology. SugarSync’s AutoSync technology enables the automatic syncing of both photos and entire folders from Android devices back to computers. Users can define how often they want AutoSync to run, and any photos taken on the device or any files or folders changed while offline will automatically be synced back to their selected computers/devices.

“SugarSync has always enabled the most flexibility in terms of defining what data you want to sync and to where – and now we are making it even easier to sync your Android device to your computers or other devices while on the go,” said Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync. “With our new AutoSync technology, you can simply take a picture or edit a file, and SugarSync takes care of the rest. Photos, videos, files and folders are all automatically synced to the cloud and to your other devices.”

Just Take Your Photos and Videos – AutoSync Handles the Rest
More users are using their smartphones as their primary device for capturing photos and videos on the go. As a result, their mobile devices are getting bogged down with tons of mobile photos, because the process for moving these photos from their devices to their computers is so difficult and time consuming that they simply don’t do it on a regular basis. And if they were to lose their device in between these rare wire-connected photo backups, those photos and memories would be lost forever. With SugarSync’s new AutoSync technology, users can simply use the native camera on their device to capture photos and videos, and they are automatically backed up and synced to their other devices.

Not only does this eliminate the need for users to physically connect their devices to their computers to copy the photos off, but it also eliminates the need to have the SugarSync app open on the mobile device in order to sync. Once you define the intervals at which you want your device to sync, SugarSync will automatically check in the background for new photos at that interval and sync any new files. Just take a picture from your native Android camera app, and rest assured that all of your pictures will be synced back to your computer automatically.

Work in Your Folders Offline, AutoSync When Back Online
As devices such as smartphones and tablets become even more powerful, users naturally want to accomplish more utilizing only their mobile device. At SugarSync, our goal is to enable users to take full advantage of their mobile devices by empowering these devices to be as useful and productive as computers. SugarSync already enables users to backup, access, sync and share all of their files on any computer from their mobile devices, empowering mobile users to be productive while on the go. The new AutoSync technology, however, takes the productivity of the mobile device to a whole new level.

For example, many users utilize SugarSync to access and sync folders to their Android devices so that they can work on files while offline. A classic example of this would be a user about to board an airplane with no Wi-Fi. Before boarding the plane, the user can select the folders they need access to while offline, use SugarSync to sync those files locally to the device, and then work on those files throughout the flight. With AutoSync, SugarSync now automatically recognizes when your device is connected again and will automatically sync your folders so that they reflect any changed files. No thinking, and no wires required.

Benefits of AutoSync

With SugarSync’s new AutoSync technology, users can:

  • Free your mobile photos – Liberate all those great mobile photos you’ve taken from your device, without ever having to think about it. AutoSync automatically backs them up and syncs them to your computer at pre-set intervals.
  • Make your device more productive – No more emailing files to yourself to ensure you have the right version. Be productive from your device, and rest assured that the latest version will be automatically saved to the cloud and to your computers.
  • Keep your mobile photos/memories safe – Even in the case of a lost device, you can be sure that your photos and memories are safe. AutoSync has been backing them up and syncing them in the background.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of wires and cables – Many users resist syncing and downloading photos and folders from their mobile devices simply because it is too complex and time consuming. Put the wires away, and let AutoSync take care of the rest.

Availability & Pricing
The FREE SugarSync for Android app is available now and can be downloaded online at from SugarSync’s site or in the Android Market. SugarSync offers a free 5GB version of the full service, with paid plans starting at 30 GB for $4.99/month or $50/year. To learn more about SugarSync’s Personal Cloud plans, please visit our pricing plan page.

About SugarSync
SugarSync is a leading provider of Personal Cloud services that enable users to access ALL of their data, anytime, anywhere, and from any device. SugarSync enables mobile consumers and professionals to backup, sync, access and share all their files on-the-go, instantly and securely from any Mac, PC, or mobile device (including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices). SugarSync users can sync files in ANY folder and access and share those files via the cloud, providing a Personal Cloud service that matches the way people currently organize their folders and manage their digital lives. SugarSync’s file sharing and collaboration tools also allow users to share any folder or file with a simple URL via social networks, email, instant messaging and more. SugarSync was recently a finalist in the 2010 Mashable Awards for “Best Mobile User Experience.”

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