Greatly Reducing Costs and Providing a New Model for Storing Data in the Cloud

Corporate Pricing Program Saves Users Upwards of 50 Percent Versus Current Cloud Storage Vendors

SEATTLE, WA – Apr 26, 2011 –/– Symform, which offers the world’s safest and most cost-effective cloud storage, today announced the Symform Corporate Pricing Program. The announced pricing includes unlimited online data storage in the Symform Storage Cloud at a low flat fee. The new pricing coupled with the unique storage architecture from Symform is significantly altering cloud storage by offering safe and reliable storage at a price other vendors can’t match. Though it’s unusual to announce pricing clarity for storage solutions, Symform is making this bold move because the current cloud storage model is broken and expensive. Symform’s unique Resilient Storage ArchitectureTM—where all data is encrypted, shredded and redundantly geo-spread—is changing the way data is stored in the cloud. Companies of all sizes can now benefit from unparalleled security, availability, durability, speed, and prices offered by the service.

The centralized cloud storage approach is unsustainable due to a rapid growth in data and a pricing model that increases costs as more data is protected. In most cloud storage scenarios, companies are charged for expensive and inefficient data center costs of a centralized platform – the cost to build a datacenter, the power and cooling expenses, and the vulnerabilities of fire, natural disasters and security breaches by a disgruntled employees. What organizations don’t realize is that 85 percent of datacenter capacity sits idling and 50 percent of power is wasted. This is expensive and costs are passed on to customers. To keep storage projects under budget, CIOs currently have to choose what machines or data to backup, leaving a number of them vulnerable should something happen. This system gets complicated quickly.

Symform’s Resilient Storage Architecture ensures that customers’ data is more secure and reliable than with a traditional centralized datacenter model. By decentralizing cloud storage, the Symform Storage Cloud brings commodity prices to cloud storage by using underutilized storage resources already owned by the business.

The Symform pricing model, introduces a cost structure that, in many cases, is two to even ten times cheaper than its competitors, particularly when a business utilizes large amounts of data, servers or locations. For example:

“The traditional cloud storage model is broken because companies are spending more money every time they need additional storage, when they already have resources in place to back up and protect the data,” said Praerit Garg, President and Co-Founder of Symform. “It shouldn’t cost $12,000 or more a year to store two terabytes in the cloud when you can buy a two terabyte drive for $80. Symform is revolutionizing cloud storage by providing all the benefits of the cloud at local storage pricing—and we guarantee it.”

Symform’s flat fee Corporate Pricing Program:

Guarantees cloud storage is a savings of at least 50 percent or more annually for companies storing data in the cloud under the current model. This price advantage increases as a company’s storage needs grow.

For businesses with large amounts of data, servers or locations, Symform can be up to ten times cheaper than its competitors because it puts a business’ unused storage resources to work across the extended enterprise.

All corporate laptops and desktops are included in this low price so CIOs don’t have budgets driving the choice of devices and data to protect.

“I talked about the value of a decentralized architecture nearly ten years ago,” said Mike Karp, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Ptak, Noel & Associates. “Symform’s approach is innovative and smart. It provides distributed storage at a very aggressive price point while at the same time making it possible for both IT shops and individual users to get maximum value from existing but unused storage assets. This is, in a very real sense, the first instance of a worldwide utility model.”

Symform also offers significant financial incentives for its reseller program and partners working with medium and large companies by offering a discount off the published pricing.

“Most offsite storage products charge 30 cents a gig,” said Kevin Gibson, Vice President, Atlanta Technology Force. “For a typical customer with 900 gigabytes of data, that’s $270 a month. With Symform, on the other hand, ATF pays a flat fee that is about ten times cheaper no matter how much data we store. That’s a huge difference.”

More information on the Symform Corporate Pricing Model can be found by visiting:

About Symform
Symform, a privately held company based in Seattle, has reinvented cloud storage. The patented Symform Storage Cloud protects your data in a way that is faster, cheaper, more secure and reliable than anything traditional cloud storage providers can offer.

Symform, Symform Storage Cloud, the Resilient Storage Architecture, and RAID-96 are trademarks of Symform, Inc. References to other companies and their products acknowledge the trademarks owned by their respective companies and are for reference purposes only.

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