NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce 12.1 reduces administrative effort and ensures global data availability. Now optimized for large data volumes and equipped with Exchange 2010 support.

Agoura Hills / (CA) USA; Hamburg / Germany, May 31, 2011 –/– NovaStor, a pioneer in data protection, announced today the availability of version 12.1 of NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce. The new private cloud platform now protects and restores distributed company data over the Internet much more efficiently, simplifies the central management process, and restores single mailboxes through the support of Microsoft Exchange 2010.

Private Cloud Backup with Central Administration
With version 12.1, the central management of data is easier and much more convenient. NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce enables remote workers to automate and manage the backup of their workstations, servers, and stored data quickly and efficiently when away on business. The administration of the private cloud and all necessary installations are handled centrally, allowing the IT administrator to access distributed data by remote control and operate the entire backup process for their employees in satellite offices.

Backups Require Considerably Less Time and Effort
Data backup services that can efficiently handle remote data via the Internet and at high speeds contribute immensely to the success of a company, their subsidiaries and their employees. The new NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce 12.1 transmits mobile and remote data 30 times faster and requires significantly less cache space, which saves time and also noticeably reduces the system load during backup processes.

New Restore Features for Worldwide Data Availability
In addition to quicker backups, a new cloud restore feature enables employees to recover data worldwide via a central webpage. Using a login name and password, data can be loaded in any current browser in little to no time and can be accessed on any available computer.

NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce 12.1 is one of the only cloud platforms which guarantees the compatibility of data recovery from a user interface with full functionality. For large data volumes and applications, the central IT department or administrator can easily schedule and manage backups, as well as handle data recovery and restore from a central location. A wizard effectively guides remote workers and distributed offices through the process of data recovery from the user interface, further simplifying the overall data backup and recovery process.

“First hand experiences with our customers show that with version 12.1, backups which previously lasted more than one hour are now are finished within five minutes. In addition, the operation and administration of a private cloud backup with NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce 12.1 has become much easier,” says Stefan Utzinger, CEO at NovaStor. “NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce 12.1 represents the ideal platform for companies that wish to provide data protection services for their remote workforces, while also staying independent from global public cloud service providers such as Amazon.”

NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce version 12.1, as well as professional advice regarding the installation and operation of a private cloud, is available from NovaStor and authorized resellers.

Links for Further Information
Version 12.1 NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce

Whitepaper: Backing up Data in the Private Cloud

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