June 12, 2011
By Mamush Heayie

David Smith, who has joined the Asigra ( team, just a few months ago, as Senior Director, Partner Development, took the stage post lunch. He was there ostensibly to give the partners an overview of the three tracks that would get underway shortly under thematic banners “OutSell”, “OutMarket” and “OutSmart”.

He opened the session on an affirmative note, voicing–clearly and loudly–his belief in the efficacy of the partner model. David Smith had worked for the first ten years of his career with Fortune 500 companies on the “other side of the fence” learning lots of lessons on what it takes to be part of a sales process and recognizing the pain areas. He had spent the next fifteen years working with the partner model in other organizations and had found it to be an important and invigorating work.

Smith reiterating Asigra’s commitment to the partner ecosystem declared: “We are not successful until you are successful!” He went on to thank the partners for their commitment to Asigra and acknowledged Asigra’s commitment to the Partner ecosystem. He pointed out that Asigra takes its commitment very seriously and has been investing heavily in building the relationships. He said, “we are investing not only in technology, but also investing in our people, our process and we want you to be plugged in to what we do on a daily basis”.

Success comes only with active preparation. Asigra is conscious of the importance of preparing to succeed. David Smith pointed out, “Outselling is all about getting to the full line first, and we want to make sure you get there. But, before you get there, the first thing you need is to be prepared, trained, readied, fuelled up or prepared with content; you need to know where the competition is – all pieces need to be carefully built up so that, when you execute it, you succeed. To this end, Asigra provides the necessary framework and has made it a part of the development. It is all directed towards creating a team, a healthy and vibrant partner ecosystem that together with technology dominates the backup and cloud recovery market”.

Focusing on Asigra’s guiding principles in context; Smith declares that Asigra is doing everything possible to help their partners succeed. The mission is to help partners build a margin rich, high growth business. Further, the most important activity around the partner model is “Asigra’s hands on engagement with partners and the interaction between partners within the partner community”, each adding value to the chain by sharing case studies and constantly learning from each other. It is all about “connecting, understanding and sharing knowledge”. Asigra can “leverage value out of the community” for its partners.

However, to get maximum value out of the business, partners must do their bit. They must build credibility around their business, while turning to Asigra to help them build that credibility whatever the size, type or maturity of the MSP.

So, what kind of Partner development program can the Partners expect? David Smith had a long list of areas jotted down. First, the Asigra Partner development team is geared up to provide support to the partners wherever they are in the maturity cycle. They have put in place managers with different skill sets to help partners develop different types of skills — marketing, technology or any other kind of help. Asigra is conscious that the partners may need deep technology insights or might need inputs on engaging the customer in a dialog; in either event Asigra has the right team in place to provide the necessary input.

David Smith then introduced the core Partner development team and pointed out that Partner development is more than an organization; it is a function within the organization. The partners need to recognize the individuals on the team and interact them to gain much from the program.

Concluding the session David Smith expressed the hope that Asigra and the partners would be able to extend their partnership in which Asigra provides support to help strengthen service provider/customer relationships.

Look for more posts in the coming days.

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