June 13, 2011
By Mamush Heayie

BURR (Back Up Recovery and Restore) is one of the Asigra differentiators! Mr. Ashar Baig, Asigra’s Sr. Product Marketing Director, recommends that everyone should make the word BURR part of their vocabulary. It would be the one of the most important differentiators for their business in the market. When the competition talks about backup or cloud backup, Asigra talks about back-up, recovery, and restore (BURR). Backup is the means to an end; however, recovery and restore are critical from the customer point of view. In a Cloud environment, all data at-rest and in-flight is encrypted, when customers recover their data, it is in an encrypted format and it must be decrypted if any sense is to be made of it. If the uploaded file was an application specific file, it will have to be imported into that application before it can be read. So, focusing on recovery will make all the difference.

Another Asigra differentiator is the power of the platform. Asigra v11 is the industry’s first end-to-end cloud backup solution that has been built to protect physical and virtual environments. The Asigra platform is amazingly powerful. It is scalable, flexible, adaptable and yet simple. Yet, customers remain unaware of the power of the platform. Baig, therefore, urges the partners to highlight the features of the platform and draw attention to the fact that the platform supports so many different kinds of platforms and applications, while protecting all end-point devices. Data protection completeness that is not available even in the products from very large companies. There is support for Linux, Windows and Mac. There is specific support for mobile and hand held devices with automation and ease-of-use, suitable for the non-tech savvy users. There is a DS-System and five different DS-Clients for servers, mobiles, tablets, smart phones and desktops, each cluster distinguished from the other in configuration and in parity decisions.

In reply to questions regarding the limitations of data protection for Apple iOS with Asigra, Baig stated that Asigra can only protect what the OS allows Asigra to protect.

Baig pointed out that with v11 Asigra MSPs can offer two kinds of solutions to their prospects and customers: the enterprise offering and the consumer offering. A number of questions on DS-Consumer offering, was fielded by Baig. The answers clarified that Partners can increase their revenue opportunities with consumer grade end point services with DS-Consumer -based offerings and highlighted that Asigra MSPs can utilize the same backend platform and same storage repository to offer enterprise-class as well as consumer-grade data protection solutions.

Baig then summed up the discussion so far and disclosed that the innovations introduced in v11 were just Phase I innovations and partners can look forward to further innovations in Phase II that can be expected in the 2ndhalf of 2011 as well as v12 next year.

Speaking about flexibility, Baig pointed out that Asigra software can be configured to give the end user as much flexibility or as little flexibility as required. For instance, in a company with four thousand laptops and two different types of users, the company may have to give total freedom of operations to one set of users and restrict the operations of another set. This is entirely possible with Asigra and the software can be configured to provide that capability.

Asserting that he is not going to talk about the server licensing, Baig answered one of the questions raised on whether the license server could be accessed from anywhere on the LAN or via VPN. The answer was in affirmative. Touching upon the DS-NOC, Baig pointed out that it would help optimize visibility and control significantly enhancing operational efficiency, thus reducing costs of Asigra MSPs, making them more profitable.

Concluding the session, Baig pointed out that he just covered key highlights of v11 in this session and there are 92 new features in v11, which will be covered in greater detail in later breakout sessions┬Ł and urged the participants to attend those sessions.

Look for more posts in the coming days.

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