GRSoftware, a leading provider of software solutions for data availability and protection, announces the release of version 7.3 of GRBackPro – Professional Server Backup software –

Grugliasco, Italy, June 23, 2011 –/Newswire Today/– When a hard drive fails there are a large number of problems, the most immediate being the need to recover the data and get back to work. GRBackPro is a Windows data backup program designed to run under Windows Server.

With GRBackPro, the Backup Administrator can quickly and easily define multiple backup sessions, back up a whole disk, a single folder or just a few files. An integrated scheduler will start a backup automatically without user intervention and conditions can be set such as paths available, no user input, and CPU load to fine tune the backup process.

GRBackPro supports network shares, USB drives, hard drives, DVD-RW, CD-RW, all removable hard drives, any drive that can be seen as a drive letter, and even UNC names (but not tapes). GRBackPro will even span a backup across multiple removable media, prompting the sysop as needed!

GRBackPro is typically installed as a Windows Service in order to have backups start even if no-one is logged in. It supports Windows Volume Shadow Copy on 32bit systems in order to be able to backup open and locked files. GRBackPro handles long path names up to 1024 characters. Unicode file names are supported even inside the zip archives, and Zip64 is fully supported. Multiple destination disks can be spanned so as to easily build a multi disk backup set. There is a split mode to easily burn DVDs after the backup has been completed. There is a History mode to keep multiple backup sets, and an Integrated Restore facility to easily restore files (just one file, multiple files, complete folders or complete backups).

One or more tasks can be executed before and/or after the backup, such as start/stop/restart services, close an application, start a program, pause the backup, open a message box, end a process, or send an E: (which, among other options, will send the backup log report if any error has been found in the backup). GRBackPro will do a full Registry backup either locally (for an easy manual restore) or on the destination disk. NTFS security attributes can be backed up within the regular backup, and there is an option to compress or copy the files and folders. There is an automatic software update facility. This is fully featured backup software with many professional options built to solve any data backup problem. GRBackPro is easy to learn as it has an integrated Backup Wizard to guide the sysop through the process.

The release of version 7.4 of GRBackPro Professional Server Backup Software adds some exciting new features and will handle data backup for a single computer up to a large network. With this new Server release, GRSoftware introduces Service Administration featuring access control for specific groups and/or users. Also featured is a new administrative dialog, displayed when a backup is running in Service mode. E: sending now supports SSL/TLS so that E: can be sent to, for example, accounts. Another new feature is the conditional backup execution based on paths available, user input and CPU load.

These new features facilitate the customization of backup solutions. The new version lets administrators easily backup their network server’s valuable data and supports the most recently released Windows Server 2008. GRBackPro ( is a full featured backup software solution for the Windows platform and works quickly and silently in the background at a cost that won’t break your budget.

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