A disturbing report revealed that the number of websites being hacked has skyrocketed

Lithonia, GA, July 08, 2011 –(EMAILWIRE.COM) –  Tom Haywarde always wondered why it was so horribly hard for small online business to get a basic remote backup operating.

In a tough economy, the last thing online businesses need is a hard drive failing or precious customer data being irreversibly removed. Disturbing, an estimated 70% of online business owners simply grit their teeth as they head to bed for the night hoping everything “will be fine” in the morning, until one morning, it isn’t.

Many online businesses have been started from employees that were let go due to the financial crisis, whom have no experience with backing up data.

“Good hard-working people don’t deserve disaster” says Tom Haywarde, Partner at™, a leading Backup Solutions company.

Haywarde admits that statistically every business owner is going to lose data in some way, and annoyingly, the data will be precious to that person, be it customer data, highly costly customized software, or even family photo’s. “And hacker’s aren’t helping”.

A disturbing report revealed that the number of websites being hacked has skyrocketed. Many hack attempts were for nothing other than to destroy all data a web server might hold and to cause embarrassment for the owners; versus actual theft of data.

Haywarde describes these events as “soul destroying” and ultimately “business destroying if you don’t have a data backup ready to go”. Consumers are demanding more quality and more professionalism from online businesses and if “data destruction happens, be it an accidental deletion from a tired administrator, the business is expected to fix it pronto or risk loss of customer confidence” reported Haywarde.

A recent study states that Internet users are more technically savvy when it comes to approaching businesses for services and 19% reported that feeling a business was professional enough to have a backup in place was important in their buying decision process.

Historically, data backups, especially a linux backup, the most popular operating system in use on the Internet, have required programmer-level skills to setup. “We’ve put a stop to that nonsense. Now any one can set [a backup]. We do for them free of charge as well” Haywarde stated.

Experts hold a common opinion that every company, even new ones, require a backup plan as data corruption “waits for no one.” Haywarde detailed that “for under 10 bucks a month; not having a data backup is bewildering when it provides incredible relief that your data is systematically being backed up to our protected remote systems at your schedule. Why would you not do it?”

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