SEATTLE, WA, July 27, 2011 –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Symform, the company revolutionizing the cloud storage marketplace by offering the world’s safest, fastest, and most cost-effective solution for businesses, today announced, for a limited time, it is giving 100GB of cloud storage for free to new and existing customers. Businesses and organizations of all sizes, Managed Service Providers, and IT Professionals, can now access and experience, durable, and highly available decentralized cloud storage at no cost.

“Symform is a better cloud storage solution because our decentralized model provides better security, speed, and redundancy at a low flat fee,” said Matthew J. Schiltz, CEO of Symform. “No other company can match the value or unlimited storage offering in the cloud, and our 100GB free offer makes it easy for customers and partners to take advantage of the latest advancements in cloud storage. When people try Symform they love the value.”

“The greatest advances in technology and business often come from breaking the rules,” said Paul Burns, President of Neovise, an analyst firm focused on cloud computing. “Symform is doing just that when it comes to cloud storage. On the technology side, the use of customer owned, distributed storage is revolutionary. On the business side, the cost equation is so improved that Symform can offer 100 gigabytes for free.”

How does the Symform 100GB offer compare?

Vendor Annual Cost


Symform Free Unlimited devices, no bandwidth throttling
eFolder $1,200.00 Based on published Reseller pricing at $1/GB/month
MozyPro $647.40 For one PC. Based on published pricing: $3.95/PC/month, $0.50/GB/month
DropBox $239.88 For one user. Based on published pricing: $19.99/user/month
JungleDisk + Amazon S3 $216.00 For one user. Based on published pricing: $4/user/month (JungleDisk), $0.14/GB/month (Amazon S3)

Data storage management needs continue to grow – the IDC 2011 Digital Universe Study predicts digital data will more than double every two years. Cloud storage has been introduced as an alternative storage solution, but adoption has been slow as a result of the high costs associated with managing this growth of data.

“You know the model is broken when you can buy two terabytes of local storage for $80 but that same amount of storage in the cloud costs $12,000 or more each year,” Schiltz added.

The Symform Storage Cloud is the industry’s first decentralized cloud storage solution, which is a giant leap forward over traditional storage, back up, and disaster recovery solutions. Symform breaks away from the common centralized data center cloud storage model, which is costly due to the additional overhead costs for disk space, increased bandwidth, and the electricity needed to house and cool servers. In addition, a data center is more susceptible to vulnerability as a single point of failure. Symform uses RAID-96 to geographically distribute, encrypt, and shred its data, which makes it more secure. This approach allows Symform to deliver data protection and unlimited secure cloud storage at a low flat fee at a fraction of what customers would pay for other cloud storage offerings.

For more information on how to obtain 100GB of free storage from Symform, as well as updated free offerings, visit:

About Symform
Symform, a privately held company based in Seattle, has reinvented cloud storage. The patented Symform Storage Cloud protects your data in a way that is faster, cheaper, more secure and reliable than anything traditional cloud storage providers can offer.

Symform, Symform Storage Cloud, the Resilient Storage Architecture, and RAID-96 are trademarks of Symform, Inc. References to other companies and their products acknowledge the trademarks owned by their respective companies and are for reference purposes only.

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