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Buffalo, NY, July 28, 2011 –/– GeopDrive announces that they will soon release a new backup product with the launch of their company in September, 2011. Their goal is to change the way that data is currently backed up. They will specialize in business backup software.

GeopDrive offers unlimited storage that is 10 times more secure than other backup systems. Security is provided by encrypting, shredding, and spreading data to many thousands of locations around the globe. Customer’s data is sent to random computers in the cloud, and this greatly increases security.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our new product is 10 to 50 times faster at sending data to one server because we send 96 pieces of a block to 96 different computers over parallel Internet connections. Other companies send all of the data to one server. You just can’t beat it. This is the future of backup.”

The company also offers unlimited storage with their business backup software. They keep costs down by using resources that are already paid for, such as unused capacity inside businesses as it converts it into Cloud Storage. The result is less cost because power, a business site, operations, bandwidth, and other factors are eliminated.

One of the most impressive features of GeopDrive is that the company is 100 percent green. Their website is powered completely by wind energy, and they do not need huge data centers to store data because they use the power consumption of computers already being used around the globe for business online backup.

One customer who downloaded the private beta of GeopDrive for her laptop said, “I am very impressed with this backup system, and I play to download it as soon as it’s available. I will feel much more comfortable knowing that every time I connect to the Internet with my laptop that my data is backed up and sent to the GeopDrive Cloud since most of my work is on my laptop.”

Businesses can install GeopDrive Backup Software on all of their Windows computers. The management console allows the software to be completely managed remotely for all business computers. It also has the capability of managing point-in-time backup images and to restore them in only minutes.

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About GeopDrive:
GeopDrive’s goal is to provide the best possible business online backup, protection, and recovery. They understand that a business must continue running, and so their backup is specifically designed to be very fast. For more information, please contact the company via the following:


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