Newline Software Announces Breakthrough in Cloud Computing Privacy

REDMOND, WA, Aug. 02, 2011 –/– Newline Softwareâ„¢ is releasing Exactâ„¢, the first and only online backup service with 100% Data Privacy. According to Kory Gill, Co-Founder of Newline Software, “Other online backup services don’t encrypt file names and file dates so they can manage your encrypted file data, but Exact is the first and only to encrypt everything. Exact encrypts file data, file names, file dates, and everything else. This is a huge deal. Since everything is encrypted, even our employees don’t know what files you back up, their contents, etc. This makes Exact the only online backup service suitable for business and privacy-conscious consumers.”

With Exact your backup information is never decrypted any place other than your computer. There are no features that expose users to any privacy risks, such as managed keys or browser access to your files without dedicated client software.

Newline Software’s introduction is timely as privacy of online data is increasingly on the forefront of consumers’ minds. FTC data indicates there are over 10 million identity theft victims every year in the US. News reports of stalkers pulling GPS information from online photos, employees or hackers stealing data from corporate websites, proves data on the web is vulnerable. “The time is ripe for the protection provided by Exact. The only information Exact doesn’t encrypt is your contact information so we can send you your bill,” says Gill.

Concerns over having your data online may make you wonder whether backing up locally to a DVD or hard drive might be a better idea. Techevents owner and IT consultant Larry Heimendinger says, “As soon as you store important data on your computers, you must make sure you have a business continuity plan: when something goes missing or wrong, how will you recover? Backup of data is essential, but most people treat backup as a far too simple process. First, most people store their backups on USB drives attached to their computer. If there is a fire, flood or theft, both the backup and the computer are lost. Second, most users have never restored from the backups they do take. Online backup addresses these problems and more. Since online backup data is stored at redundant data centers, the risk of losing your files is eliminated, and you never run out of disk space. With online backup, you set it up once and your safety net is in place.”

Jordan Malkin, VP for Hard Drives Northwest, and a Newline Software partner, says, “People should think of online backup as insurance for their critical information and potentially as important as insurance for life, home, or car. Losing customer data, business proposals, or sales information can be costly. A recent study on data recovery indicates it takes 19 days to retype 20MB of data at a cost of $17K. In comparison, backing up 20MB with Exact costs less than $2 a year.”

About Newline Software, Inc.
Newline Softwareâ„¢ is the creator of Exactâ„¢ and the OPTICâ„¢ technology. Exact is the first and only cloud-based backup & restore service with 100% Data Privacy. Exact ensures your irreplaceable files are protected in the event of a computer hardware failure, theft, or disaster. OPTIC, Online Privacy Technology In the Cloud, allows developers to securely query, write, and read encrypted data to and from any cloud data store without the cloud having any knowledge of that data. Founded in 2008, Newline Software is located in Redmond, Washington. For more information, please visit

Newline Software
Peter Denniston

8201 164th Ave NE, Suite 200
Redmond, WA, USA 98052-7615

Source: Newline Software, Inc.

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