Innovative software for backup services dramatically speeds restore times for business customers, allowing for higher value backup and restore services. Focus on simplicity challenges established players in speed to deployment and Total Cost of Ownership for online backup resellers.

Seattle, WA August 08, 2011 –/– WholesaleBackup, a leading cloud backup and restore software provider, today broke new ground in software for backup services ( by introducing next-generation technology which makes online backups more dependable and faster than existing solutions.

WholesaleBackup’s innovations allow online backup service providers and online backup resellers ( to provide unique restore reliability and speed to their uptime-sensitive customers, and represent a basic performance advantage which has largely been ignored by established vendors as they add new features while diverting focus from core performance. These advances in performance drive higher-value online backup for WholesaleBackup’s software customers and resellers, increasing their profitability and making new markets accessible to online backup services.

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New Technology:
Based on a vision of industry trends in decreased costs of storage and the strength of open-source software and standards, WholesaleBackup introduces key innovations like Instant Restore, Realtime File Check, and Zero-Config Install:

  • Instant Restore: Business users can now instantly start downloading files rather than undergo lengthy delays when restoring files due to outdated differential processing methods found in existing online backup solutions.
  • Realtime File Check: Today’s online backup platforms can not verify file integrity completely because they use outdated differential methods. WholesaleBackup’s new Realtime File Check can verify file integrity on the backup server so there are no nasty surprises during restores, as is common in other tools in the marketplace.
  • Zero-Config install: By leveraging powerful filtering, white label online backup resellers and service providers can pre-configure backup clients to select or deselect files without user intervention, speeding installation of backup and allowing for automatic deployment of white label online backup clients.

Supporting Quotes:

Shawn Javid, PhD, Partner Divinsa LLC:
“After years using some of the leading brands of online backup, watching the endless parade of new features while basic reliability and performance stagnated year after year, we knew we could do better by keeping a steady focus on providing great, reliable, and efficient software to allow other online backup vendors to increase their profits and sleep well at night knowing they could take care of their customers. I’m proud of what we’ve built, and how simple we were able to make the experience with our software for backup services, and their customers.”

Naisan Geula, Partner Divinsa LLC:
“We feel that bucking the trend to pack more features into software while not questioning the basic performance is paying off. In our case the design of the product makes it a leader in the marketplace as our customers can charge more, but have less maintenance, and the products’ elegant simplicity means best practices are built into our online backup resellers’ businesses.”

About WholesaleBackup:
WholesaleBackup is a brand of Divinsa LLC. Founded in 2004, Divinsa initially provided IT services, including backup, to local businesses. As the online backup business grew, Divinsa became focused solely on online and offsite backup. At first Divinsa used online backup software from a variety of leading vendors, but realized that new technology and a new approach was needed in order to provide the kind of performance and reliability required to serve its customer base. Divinsa then started development of its own white label online backup platform, with the goal of providing cloud based online backup software to itself and others. Thus, the WholesaleBackup brand, dedicated to white label online backup, was born. With hundreds of partners now providing online backup service, WholesaleBackup continues to innovate and lead the marketplace in online backup software for service providers.


Naisan Geula
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