By Mike Andrews, Managing Director at NovaStor
August 12, 2011

NovaStor Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Control Your Cloud Data Destiny!

It’s hard to imagine that one quick lightning strike could disrupt the business of several companies across Europe, but this is exactly what happened last weekend in Dublin.

After a lightning bolt struck a utility pole, causing an explosion and fire, power supply was cut to several businesses and data centers in the surrounding area. According to Amazon and Microsoft – the two companies whose data centers were worst affected— the bolt disrupted power supply to their massive data centers. While Microsoft was able to kick start its services after a few hours, Amazon’s services weren’t resumed until a good 48 hours later. Amazon’s customers spent several frustrating hours waiting for Amazon to report on the status, as the company struggled to set things right and quickly restore their services.

This very instance shows how unplanned disasters can strike at any time. With this in mind, NovaStor believes there are several lessons to be learned from these recent data center outages.

Complete dependency on the service provider’s ability to maintain uninterrupted service is foolhardy, to say the least. Customers signing up for cloud services must ensure that they maintain control over their data by making local backups of their data in addition to riding the cloud for all the benefits that accrue from it. NovaStor urges its customers to take advantage of NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce, a hybrid cloud solution that ensures full-proof data availability.

NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce is equipped with local and remote management features which allow users to seamlessly perform local backups to their private cloud infrastructure or offsite backups to a public cloud. Even more beneficial, they can do so even while they’re away from the office. A web-based management console allows one to control and manage all backups and restores via an Internet connection.

To ensure full business continuity, NovaStor stresses the importance of performing both local and offsite backup. If backing up data to the cloud, NovaStor recommends using the services provided by one of its many reputable Managed Service Provider Partners. NovaStor’s Service Level Agreements with its partners are framed to advantage the customer. It contains stringent service clauses that provide legal recourse to customers for any kind of breach, thus they can expect to get the services promised to them.

Unlike larger cloud customers, such as Amazon’s public cloud users, NovaBACKUP users who backup data locally to their private cloud infrastructure, in addition to a cloud service powered by NovaBACKUP, will not have to wait endlessly for reports about the restoration of services in the event of an offsite data center disaster. They can connect their network to the local copy of the data and resume their business activities almost instantaneously. NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce continues to service their needs while the company’s data center makes all efforts to recover and resume its services.

When handling business data backup plans, smart users look at all their options and will not hesitate to implement local backup AND offsite backup with an MSP to ensure security and business continuity at all times. NovaStor recognizes the ground realities surrounding data management by large third parties. This is why they focus attention on customer needs and urge their customers to build in an extra resilience and maintain data redundancy by using NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce.

About the Author: Mike Andrews is the Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales at NovaStor Corporation. He has been with the company for nearly 15 years and is responsible for the operations of NovaStor’s North American head quarters and for the global sales of NovaStor’s complete product line. In 2010, Andrews was named one of CRN Magazine’s “Storage Superstars,” in which he received recognition for creating the first backup and data protection software platform that includes both local and online backup in a single software solution.

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