By Mike Andrews, Managing Director at NovaStor
August 18, 2011

NovaStor Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Feature Focus Cloud Backup Platform – NovaBACKUP xSP 12.2 Now With Hyper-V Support

NovaStor reaches out to Managed Service Providers, distributors and resellers with a new release of their time tested cloud backup platform, NovaBACKUP xSP 12.2. The new release includes agentless backup for virtual environments, central management and now fully supports Microsoft Hyper-V.

NovaBACKUP xSP 12.2 takes on the challenge of workload automation in the cloud. It automates all scheduled and ad hoc processes around the critical backup and recovery needs of businesses and enterprises. Even better, the software provides for more than just the core functionalities required for delivering automated cloud services to business users.

Users can access these services over the Internet using a simple browser based interface, without being overwhelmed by technical complexities or intricacies. Also, an intuitive, customizable dashboard allows for multi-client capability through independent management and presentation of any number of customer accounts in one installation and improves overall usability. In addition, a new customer log allows users to enter notes into the central management so that any user can easily get an overview of the history and support for any customers.

The central self service dashboard provides users with a bird’s eye view of the functionalities accessible at that level of authorization. Customized links available on the dashboard navigate the user through successive screens in an order that follows the business logic of the enterprise. Users can obtain detailed data views by clicking on the appropriate links and navigating to the data items that they are permitted to view, modify, backup or recover on their machines. They can backup their desktops, laptops, servers, and virtual machines by using the dashboard interface to initiate necessary action. Status reports on their activities can also be accessed from the self-service dashboard.

The xSP backup and recovery system is an agentless construct. A software agent needs to be installed only on a central console and backups from all other machines can be orchestrated from the central console. All nodes connected to the central machine can be organized into groups or domains and proactively monitored by the administrator. End users, working on connected machines need not interact with the backup interface unless they want to view the status of the backup of their machine or initiate unscheduled backups.

NovaStor MSPs can schedule and execute local backups on behalf of customers who do not have IT expertise within the enterprise or would like to outsource the management of their backups. MSPs can manage and monitor the backups and periodically notify their customers on the status of their backups, leaving them free to get on with their business. Additionally, the platform is white labeled, allowing MSPs to customize and rebrand the platform with its own color scheme and logo.

The Hyper-V plugin that comes with the new release capitalizes on the growing need for virtual backup solutions. The agentless architecture allows NovaStor the flexibility to connect unlimited number of virtual machines (on an ESXi server) and to back them up on a single license.

NovaBACKUP 12.2 is a big step forward for NovaStor and its partners in provisioning for data protection services to home users and small to large enterprises.

About the Author: Mike Andrews is the Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales at NovaStor Corporation. He has been with the company for nearly 15 years and is responsible for the operations of NovaStor’s North American head quarters and for the global sales of NovaStor’s complete product line. In 2010, Andrews was named one of CRN Magazine’s “Storage Superstars,” in which he received recognition for creating the first backup and data protection software platform that includes both local and online backup in a single software solution.

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