Syncplicity Extends Footprint in Cloud and Mobile File Management and Collaboration with Virtual Private Cloud

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sep 01, 2011 –/– Syncplicity, a leader in cloud-based file management, sync, collaboration and backup solutions, today announced immediate availability of its iPad app that brings comprehensive and secure cloud-based file access and management to iPad users. From the iPad, Syncplicity users can browse, share and manage files and folders stored on their PC, Mac, SharePoint servers, on the corporate network or in popular cloud-based services such as Google Docs. This universal file access includes shared Syncplicity folders set up for collaboration in businesses or sharing for personal use. Users can gain secure access to any file and folder anytime while mobile, eliminating the need to email file attachments, use VPNs, or upload files to a new place in order to access them from a mobile device. Syncplicity also makes mobile safe with remote wipe, built-in policy and permission controls and complete end-to-end encryption for all data transferred, stored on the Syncplicity service, and stored on the mobile device. The release of Syncplicity’s iPad app closely follows on the heels of the new Syncplicity for iPhone app, further extending the company’s footprint in the cloud and mobile file management arena.

According to Gartner research, 80% of businesses will support a workforce using tablets by 2013. The benefits of using tablets in the office and out in the field ranges from instant on access capabilities to usage for document and video delivery, sales, field service and business analytics. While there are many workers who are opting to use their tablets to deliver presentations, collect and share data, Gartner also identified that workers are sill doing a majority of labor-intensive tasks on their desktops or laptops, making the need for an automatic file management solution even more important.

“We have a saying, ‘the vendor with the most connections wins.’ Syncplicity’s ability to create private clouds with Google Apps, SharePoint, VMware Zimbra, and now Salesforce, shows they have taken this strategy to heart and are on a winning path. Taking the cloud to where the users are – on their desktops, mobile devices and tablets – is the right strategy,” commented David Coleman, founder and managing director of Collaborative Strategies.

Syncplicity is used by business customers who want to create their own Virtual Private Cloud to store, manage, backup and share important data. Leveraging Syncplicity’s unique approach, companies can give their employees secure anytime, anywhere access to documents and files — regardless of whether the data is stored across multiple computers, mobile devices, corporate servers or cloud applications like Google Docs. Unlike others, Syncplicity is easy and convenient to use, and does not require users to change how they work. Instead, it works wherever and however users currently keep their files and folders across multiple devices.

“We designed the new Syncplicity iPad app to give companies the most flexibility in supporting their mobile workforce,” stated Leonard Chung, Syncplicity’s co-founder and chief product strategist. “In today’s always-on, always-connected business environment, Syncplicity eliminates the need for emailing documents or uploading them to a new place in order to gain mobile access. If you save a file on your desktop, SharePoint or anywhere you work, you should be able to simply access or share it anytime from your iPad with no special effort required. Syncplicity makes that easy and painless.”

Snapshot of Key Features and Benefits of Syncplicity’s iPad App

– Enjoy beautiful, 100% native user interface that takes full advantage of the iPad’s extended screen

– Browse and open any file or folder in one’s Syncplicity account, including shared folders

– Save bandwidth when opening files as Syncplicity skips re-downloading files that haven’t changed

– Upload photos and videos taken on a device to any folder

– Manage files and folders in one’s entire account — create, delete, and restore anything

– Go back in time with full access to every file’s previous history of versions

– Stay up-to-date with one’s customized news feed, which presents all events in one’s account listed in chronological order

– Share any file with anyone over text, email, or just copy a secure web link into the clipboard

– Rest easy with end-to-end security; Syncplicity transmits and stores all data encrypted with AES-256 protection

– Remain safe and in control; unlike others, Syncplicity enables a user or IT to unlink the iPad and remote wipe all files if a device is lost or stolen

– Open files in other applications on one’s iPad, such as Documents to Go

Other important features include:

– Security Syncplicity will keep users logged in by default, but for additional security, users can configure the app to require a username and password every time it starts up. All files are stored with quadruplicate replication in three geographically separate data centers, delivering 99.9999999% data resiliency to protect you from data loss. AES-256 encryption of all transfers and data at rest provides enterprise-grade security, and data centers are SAS70 Type II compliant. Further, to protect files from user error, continuous data backup protection, with instant restore, allows users or IT to instantly restore previous revisions or deleted files.

– Remote Wipe Syncplicity enables users to unlink their iPad from their Syncplicity account and “remotely wipe” all cached data at any time. No other existing alternatives provide this security feature, which can be performed by simply logging into one’s online account and initiating a remote wipe. So if an iPad is ever lost or stolen, any data associated with that Syncplicity account will be protected with the ability to remotely wipe data by either the user or IT.

– File Management, iPad Photos and Videos Syncplicity for iPad provides key file management capabilities, including creating and deleting folders, creating and uploading photos and videos, and viewing and reverting to previous file versions. Users can upload new and existing photos and videos taken on their iPad to any of their folders, including folders shared with others, in only one click. Users who need to quickly share collateral with co-workers, clients, or partners will benefit from this feature the most, as photos and videos wirelessly uploaded from the iPad appear online right away and also synchronize instantaneously and directly to everyone’s computers. Files are automatically versioned and kept up-to-date through sync so you are always working with the right version without having to manually upload or download files.

– Real-time Collaboration and Sharing To enable effective collaboration, Syncplicity for iPad comes with full support for the Syncplicity News Feed as a primary tab in the application. The News Feed displays an activity stream for files and folders a user has access to, notifies them instantly of any changes and provides direct access to all recently created, updated, or deleted files without having to search through a file browser. The News Feed eliminates the need for colleagues to send emails to notify their team on the most recent changes ready for review, and shared Syncplicity folders eliminate the need to email files to colleagues to give them access to those files. Shared Syncplicity folders are automatically synced to all shared recipients’ computers for easy, universal access. Users can also create a safe, secure, shareable link to any file or folder in their account. The link can be text messaged or emailed to anyone, or copied to a clipboard for use in another application. Shareable links can always be disabled later to immediately revoke access.

– Powerful Versioning Syncplicity raises the bar on versioning with its distinct ability to list and open any past version of any file from the iPad. This feature is essential as it is not uncommon for a user to accidentally overwrite a file and want to go back to a previous version. Syncplicity for iPad enables users to instantly roll back any file version so it once again becomes the latest, current version of the file. All changes performed on the iPad are immediately reflected online within a user’s Syncplicity account; and Syncplicity’s synchronization technology also immediately syncs those changes down to the user’s computers, and if they use them, corporate files servers, SharePoint or Google Docs. This way, no matter where a user is accessing their files, they are always assured of having the right version.

Cost and Availability
Syncplicity’s new iPad app is available in the Apple App Store for free here. Existing Syncplicity users can log in with their current credentials and download the app. First time users of Syncplicity can start with a free 2GB Personal Edition account or a free 30-day Business Edition trial, signing up directly from within the iPad app or at . They can then upgrade to a paid plan anytime to obtain more seats, storage, and features to support their personal or business requirements.

About Syncplicity Inc.
Syncplicity is a leading provider of file management solutions in the cloud, offering instant synchronization, backup, file sharing and collaboration in one integrated solution. Based in Menlo Park, California, Syncplicity offers solutions for both business and individual users. For more information, visit .

SOURCE: Syncplicity Inc.

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