Goodbye, Hard Drive: Bitcasa Introduces Infinite Storage on Your Desktop, Signs 50K Private Beta Users in 48 Hours

TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist Announces New Cloud-Based Infinite Storage Technology to Change the Way People Store and Share Their Documents, Applications, Videos and Music

PALO ALTO, CA, Sep 22, 2011 –/– As one of seven finalists at TechCrunch Disrupt last week, Bitcasa CEO and co-founder Tony Gauda took to the stage to introduce the world to Infinite Storage, a breakthrough in online data management. Bitcasa ( ) puts the limitless possibilities of the cloud into your hard drive, allowing users to store and access terabytes of data, from any device, and never worry about backup, availability, syncing, sharing or capacity. In the first 48 hours after the announcement, the company signed on more than 50,000 beta users for its service.

In a world more dependent on data than ever, Bitcasa is a departure from existing storage solutions, using predictive streaming and client-side encryption to give users super-fast, secure access to all of their files, regardless of size. In contrast to existing technologies that address only segments of the problem like syncing or sharing or backup, Bitcasa is an entirely new, complete solution for consumer data storage and management. With proprietary predictive streaming technology, Bitcasa knows what files users will want access based on habits and will keep them cached locally.

To make this happen, Gauda developed new technology that has made possible what previously seemed impossible: de-duplication and encryption co-existing without compromise. Currently, Bitcasa has several patents pending around this technology.

In the meantime, the key features available with Bitcasa include:

– Unlimited storage: Through de-duplication algorithms and compression technology, Bitcasa is able to reduce the amount of storage space required on the server side, giving users the chance to obtain unlimited storage for only $10 a month. During the beta period, the service is free for those who sign up.

– Simple integration: Bitcasa eliminates the need to backup or worry about completely replacing your hard drive when it runs out of room or fails. Instead of saving files locally, Bitcasa writes it all to the cloud, seamlessly integrating right into the computer’s operating system, so the user doesn’t have to do or learn anything new.

– Predictive streaming: Bitcasa uses predictive streaming instead of traditional upload/download and intelligently caches files on the hard drive based on prior use, giving users access to their data faster. And instead of copying files to different locations, it’s all stored centrally in the cloud.

– Safety first: Bitcasa’s infinite storage is paired with best-in-class security via client-side encryption. Bitcasa encrypts user data before it is sent to the cloud, and therefore has zero visibility into user data.

– Sharing large files: Bitcasa allows users to easily share files and folders with a URL link, no matter what the size. No downloading required, so size and bandwidth are not an issue.

“Data is your family photos, your music and movie libraries, your important documents — and more than ever, we are storing these precious files on our computers, laptops and mobile devices. But the fundamental problem isn’t being able to sync or share your data. While those are nice to do, they don’t solve the fundamental problem of the hard drive,” said Tony Gauda, CEO and co-founder of Bitcasa. “By solving the problems that come with having finite and imperfect hard drives, Bitcasa remedies the root of the problem of instead of just adding a band-aid.”

Bitcasa’s co-founders include infrastructure, security and community experts. CEO Tony Gauda is a veteran entrepreneur who built MasterCard’s anti-fraud protection systems; co-founder Kevin Blackham built, scaled and managed servers for Xmission and Mozy; and co-founder Joel Andren managed the customer loyalty program at VeriSign. The company is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, CrunchFund, First Round Capital, and Pelion Venture Partners.

“We want to manage the world’s data, and believe storage should be cloud-based and infinite,” said Gauda. “The experience we’ve created at Bitcasa is safe, secure and easy to integrate into your daily life. It’s so seamless that you won’t know it’s there, and so safe that nobody but you has access to it.”

Bitcasa is currently in a closed beta. To sign up or learn more, visit .

About Bitcasa Bitcasa provides secure, unlimited storage on any device. Users can view their entire lifetime of photos, listen to their entire music library, store all of their files and important documents — and still have room for the contents of the Library of Congress. Bitcasa launched in September 2011 at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. For more information, please visit .

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